10 Mobile Apps To Find Upcoming Events & New Places of Interest

After a while, you get bored with being stuck in front of your devices and you find the need to reconnect with friends and go do something together. Before you chuck that mobile device away, try out these 10 apps to help you find an event you can chill out with friends first. These apps will locate events like concerts, art gallery openings, ticket performances and the likes.

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Also included are apps that will help suggest locations of interest to you like an up-and-coming restaurant or a cafe your friends on Facebook frequent. If you need to find a new place to gather with friends, or to find new friends who share your interests, we have apps for that too. As usual if you have other similar apps that you want to suggest, leave a comment in the comment section below.

1. Hangtime

Hangtime allows you to sign in to your Facebook account and see what events your friends are interested in. Along with your friend’s activity, it will also show you local events in your area using sources such as Facebook, Ticketmaster, Livenation, etc. Events can be searched by date and interest, so if you want to search for a live jazz event on a Friday night, Hangtime can help you with that.

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2. Eventbrite

Some may know Eventbrite as the online ticketing system that allow event organizers to easily set up, promote and sell their events via the service. With the Eventbrite app, you can also easily find these events all on your mobile device. The app will display all events that are within your location and get yourself an e-ticket in-app. iOS have the further option of using Passbook with this app.

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3. Meetup

Meetup allows you to create or join local groups with varying interests: tech, food, photography, you name it. The app will suggest local meet ups around your vicinity and you can finetune the suggestions by indicating how far you are willing to travel and for which interest. There is also a calendar of events that will allow you to quickly see all the meet ups that are happening or will happen soon.

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4. Field Trip

Coming out of Google’s Niantic Labs, the same lab that made the popular Ingress augmented reality (A.R.) game, Field Trip also uses AR but to help you find interesting things. Instead of the usual visual focus, this app is aural: it tells you what is interesting through your headphones. It will point out to you recommendations from a list of interests such as food, offers, history, architecture among others.

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Field Trip

5. Spotsetter

Spotsetter uses your existing social networks to make recommendations based on your friends’ activities. The more social networks you connect to, the better its recommendation will be. It also has an active feedback mechanism set up. For example, if a friend checks into restaurants frequently you can like their activity and categorize them into say, a Foodie. In the future, the app will let you know when they check into an interesting eatery.

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6. Vamos

Vamos is a discovery app for events that are happening in the city. On top of Facebook events, it will map out other public events that are listed on Eventbrite and Ticketmaster. From the app, you will be able to get a ton of information about the event from offers, guest lists and Instagram photos. The app is on a city-by-city basis so your results may vary.

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7. Gravy

Gravy will help you find an event based on the mood you are in. Lively, classy or brainy, you can pick from these moods and Gravy will find the nearest event that will match it. Alternatively, if you are feeling "meh" at best, pick Whatever for a random selection or go the traditional route of sifting through the categories. The app will also plug into social media to expand your selections.

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8. Songkick Concerts

If you feel like going to a concert anytime soon, Songkick Concerts is the app for you. In addition to tracking the tours of your favorite artists, the app will inform you of any concerts that are happening in your area, drawing from newspaper listings and venue websites. It will pull your favorite artists from who you follow on Facebook, your Last.fm pickings and even from your iTune app, so it knows whose concerts you would probably want to follow up on.

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Songkick Concerts

9. Time To Enjoy

Time To Enjoy draws from your calendar and notifies you on what events to look out for when you have free time. Broken down to the date and the hourly timeslots, the app lists out events you can attend in your area and even allows you to publish your own events so others can join or attend it. So far, the app works in the US, Canada and Europe but there are plans to expand this worldwide.

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Time To Enjoy

10. MapMyNearest

If you find yourself in a new place for work or leisure, not knowing where the nearest police station, petrol station, bus stop or laundromat is, then this handy web app MapMyNearest will be of assistance. It will locate the nearest location for you, based on your current location. You will need to grant it access to your computer or device location to fully utilize its mapping abilities.


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