10 Stunning WordPress Themes for Educational Websites

Isaac Asimov once said – “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” Did you know? Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, Steve Jobs the founder of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook all dropped out of college and all made millions of dollars. I am not asking you to go and dropout of your college too but I am just trying to tell you that a formal university education is after all not as necessary as most people claim it is. In the long run what counts is how wise and knowledgeable you are. It is not necessary that you acquire that knowledge only by attending classes in universities. You can acquire knowledge from many resources like books, newspapers, magazines or websites.

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With the advent of the Internet more and more educational websites are mushrooming online. This is providing students, especially from the backward locations of our world, to achieve quality education. In fact some world class universities like MIT and Stanford are giving away many of their actual class lectures for free on YouTube along with other course content like notes and exam papers.

Let’s say you too intend to start an educational website but you are unable to decide which design to choose. Don’t worry. Below you will find 10 answers to your problem. Below I have collected 10 excellent WordPress themes designed specifically for educational websites.

1. Education ($79.95)

Deep in the heart of Texas, a stellar institution exists. we are based on excellence and academic standards.


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2. Pro Education ($19.95)

pro Education is a Word Press Theme that has been designed exclusively for those who are looking for an exciting new theme for their education related websites or blogs. The easy-to-use theme options are enough to impress alone.


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3. Teachers (Free)

A stylish word press theme for school website, university website or any other websites designed for education purpose.


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4. I Education ($19.95)

i Education is a Word Press theme with options page. Supports the post thumbnails. Suitable for any niche.


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5. University of Dewantara ($10)

Dewantara PSD template is simple and well organize company profile (semi portal) website layout that suitable for your university, school, campus or other educational business. With “download area” and “school facilies”, this design is accommodate both needs, for school promoting and for students needs. Some elements on this design give some education needs, like in “Teachers data Center”, “Online Academic Information” and in “Download Area”, so the student can easily find and get the data for their study.


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6. University of College Education ($12)


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7. Social University (Free)

Academica is a non-profit / education CMS theme with a modern layout and elegant design. Modern three-column design, custom templates, easy to customize.


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8. Grand College ($45)

Grand College is the best theme for School, University, College or even your business. It’s clean and modern designed with well crafted. You can change almost every elements color easily via admin panel.


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9. Edupress ($69)

A beautifully organized Word Press theme for universities, colleges, schools, etc. Enhanced with 7 custom WPZOOM widgets, this theme is flexible, versatile and easy to customize.


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10. Education WP Theme (Free)

A free education related word press theme.


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As you would have noticed some of the themes above are free while some others cost money. WordPress is the undisputed industry leader for website platforms. I hope these themes will help you create better educational websites. Let me know in the comments below what do you think about these themes.

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