10 Useful Instagram Tips & Tricks You Should Know

The popular photo-sharing app, Instagram has undergone many changes with the most recent being its Instagram video. As more users sign up and more apps are being created, there will be definitely be more changes. Keeping up with these changes may take some time, which is why we have collected 10 tips and tricks you may find useful when on Instagram.


Want to use Instagram’s filters without being forced to post a photo onto your Instagram feed? Don’t want Instagram videos to be automatically preloaded? Need a way to ignore but not block off all communications with a chronic Instagram user/friend/relative? Here are the tips you need. If you know of more, let us know in the comments.

1. Send Photos To Selected People

If you have photos that you are not keen on posting to your feed, you can share it to a select few with Direct. This feature lets you share the photo with up to 15 people, and they can comment on the photo like normal. Items shared this way will not turn up in search, and can be deleted.

To use Instagram Direct, choose Direct when you’re at the "Share To’" page. It’s located at the top next to "Followers". Then select your recipients by tapping the circle next to their names or by typing their names in the ‘To’ space. Finish off by hitting Send. To view your messages, go to the tray icon at the top right of your home page.


2. Ignore Messages From People

If you have easily excitable friends who constantly share every possible snapshot of meals they take and sunset views they see with you, the urge to block them will be strong. If however, you are socially obligated to interact with them, rather than block them, you can choose to ignore them.

To ignore Direct posts from a person, go to the tray icon at the top right of your home page. Tap the horizontal three-dots button (iPhone) or vertical three-dots button (Android). Select "Ignore all posts from this user".


3. Hide Or Remove Tagged Photos Of You

Whenever someone tags you in a photo, it will end up in the ‘Photos of You’ section in your profile page. If there are some embarrassing or private photos that you don’t want others to see, you can choose to hide it.

To hide a tagged photo, tap the offending photo and your Instagram handle will appear. Tap your handle. When a menu pops up, select Hide From My Profile. If you don’t want to be tagged at all in the photo, go to the More Options button and choose Remove Me From Photo.

If you don’t want to remove your tagged photos one by one, you can adjust your settings to review them first. Just go to ‘Photos of You’, tap on your settings at the top right corner and select the ‘Add Manually’ option.


4. Using Filters Without Posting On Instagram

You took a photo and you enhanced it with one of Instagram’s filters. However you don’t want to post it on your feed. You can keep your filtered photo without posting it with the help of your phone’s airplane mode.

After setting your phone on airplane mode, go through the normal steps of uploading. Tap ‘Share’ on the Share page. A “Failed” message will appear as your photo cannot be uploaded without an active connection. Press delete to wipe off your unshared photo; don’t worry, your photo will be sent to your camera roll or phone gallery. If you snapped your photo without setting it to airplane mode first, minimize your Instagram app. Then turn on airplane mode, reopen Instagram and hit Share.


5. Removing Geotags

Geotag retrieves the GPS data from your phone then saves the location of the photos you take to give each snapshot a location info. These photo will then show up in your ‘Photo Map’. If you want to remove photos from your map, first go to your Photo Map. Tap ‘Edit’ located at the top right to select which photos you want the geotags to be removed from.

Note that removing a geotag is permanent. Additionally, if you don’t want any photos to appear in your Photo Map, you can choose not to add the location at all, during the review process.


6. Add Hashtags After Posting

You’ve just posted your photo when you realized you’ve forgotten to put in any hashtags in the caption. You can still do so by adding them in the comments. People will still be able to find your photo when searching the hashtag you used.

This method also has the added bonus of eliminating the dreaded hashtag paragraph when you share the same photo onto your other social media accounts.


7. Share Your Photos After Posting

If you have posted a photo on Instagram, and didn’t want to share it on your other social media platforms, only to realise that you do, you can still share it afterwards.

Tap the button with three dots at the bottom of the photo. Select Share from the menu and choose which site you want to share it to. If you choose Twitter, your photo URL will appear as you compose your tweet, so you’ll know if you’ve hit the 140 character limit.


8. Saving a posted photo

Instagram automatically saves your photos into your phone gallery unless you didn’t turn on the ‘Save Original Photos’ setting. To change that, go to your settings in your profile page. Turn on the ‘Save Original Photos’ option.

You can also choose to keep the option turned off then manually save selected photos. To save a photo, tap the horizontal three-dots button (iPhone) or the vertical three-dots button (Android), located at the bottom of the photo. Choose "Copy Share URL’"from the menu and open the URL in your phone’s Internet browser. Tap and hold the photo until a menu pops up with an option to save to your phone.


9. Turn Off Video Preload

When you scroll through your feed and come across a video, the video automatically plays. This happens as Instagram loads the video in advance for faster streaming. If you don’t want videos playing straightaway, set it to preload only when connected with WiFi.

First, go to your profile, which is located at the bottom on the far right. Select the Settings button, which is a vertical three dots button for Android or a gear icon for iPhone on the top right corner. Scroll to "Preload" and choose between "Always" or "Only on WiFi".


10. Turn Sound Off Or On For Video

You can set the sound of your Instgram videos on or off without messing with your phone’s general volume settings. To turn off sound for video, go to your profile by tapping on the button on your bottom far right. Then tap the gear icon (iPhone) or the three dots vertical button (Android) at your top right. Go to your Sound setting and choose between ‘Off’ or ‘On’ for videos.

This will be your default sound setting for videos. If you want to listen to individual videos when your sound is off, simply tap on the sound button at the top right corner of the video.


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