15 Awesome Designs of Casino Tokens

Casinos are the best entertainment centers where one can let loose all their stress and tension of daily life and indulge in pure bliss. These are gambling houses where the players are presented with a plethora of games for gambling their money. One of the most interesting aspects about gambling is the gambling tokens or the poker chips. Each and every gambling house has their unique gambling tokens which they provide to the gamblers in lieu of money. Previously, the gambling house used silver coins as poker chips, but as silver became expensive casinos started designing their exclusive coins. Token coins of different values are available for the gamblers in the casinos.

Many people also have the passion of collecting casino tokens. This editorial is dedicated to all those who share the same interest. We have collected fifteen awesome designs of poker tokens of different values from casinos all around the world. These coins are of the same size as that of normal coins. However, they come in different shades and many patterns are also done on it to make them look attractive. These coins have to be inserted in the slot machine for gambling.

Many online casino games have also evolved were similar graphic images are used as casino tokens. The images listed in this write up would be very useful for the designers who have been assigned similar projects. These images are a valuable source of inspiration for them. Enjoy and post your view on the comment’s section.

1. Logo and chip


2. Merce


3. Las Vegas Casino Nevada


4. Hinkley


5. Excalibur and Luxor


6. Chip Collection


7. Day One Hundred and Sixty Four


8. British Casino Chips


9. Casino de Asturias


10. Poker Casino Royale


11. Mom’s Casino


12. High Roller Casino


13. Casino Chip


14. MGM Grand Chip


15. Mohegan Sun


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