15 Video Editing Apps For iOS & Android Devices

Apple’s iPhone have always come with one of the best smartphone cameras and many users take advantage of this by taking beautifully shot photos and videos on it. Once you have that footage, you’re going to want a way to edit it. Although iOS has its own editor, lucky for us, there are plenty of third-party apps that can give you more editing capabilities to make your videos shine.

iMovie Video Editor

Many of the video-editing apps found in the App Store can rival desktop editing apps and they are also very easy to use. Some can even turn a drab, boring video into something spectacular in a matter of minutes. We will start the list with our Top 5 picks, then give you 10 more if you feel like you don’t want to settle so quickly.

Top 5

1. iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s very own video-editing app, made available for anyone who has a new iOS device. A powerful movie editor that everyone on iOS should download, the app can do most of the things that its desktop counterpart can with a few limitations. Projects done on the app can also be transferred to the Mac for further editing.

Download: iOS, OS X

iMovie iPhone iPad

2. Magisto

Magisto is perfect for the beginner as it doesn’t require much video-editing skills to use. The app offers tools for you to do so, letting you alter and match the audio and video even after the movie is created. In-app purchases include a subscription to their pro features, which includes unlimited cloud storage space and downloads, and the ability to make longer movies.

Download: iOS, Android, Amazon


3. Video Star

Anyone who ever wanted to make their own music videos should get this app. Video Star will provide you with all the tools you need to make your own music video. Pick a song from your own library or choose one of the many free songs that are available in-app – a new one comes out each week. The app also has in-app purchases for more effects you can add into your video.

Download: iOS

Video Star

4. VivaVideo

VivaVideo comes with a videocam that lets you shoot in normal or widescreen, as well as a fast or slow-motion feature. Add in some filters and special effects and this is a great companion app to upload fantastic short videos to Instagram. If video is not your thing, you can also create photo slideshows using their photo movie maker.

Download: iOS, Android

5. Replay

If you use Instagram heavily, this one is for you. Replay comes with plenty of tools to edit your videos and filters that will make them right at home in Instagram. Select your sources from your Camera Roll, iCloud or record a video straight from the app. Make your edits then share them straight on your favorite social networks. The app has in-app purchases for removing the watermark and adding in more filters and effects.

Download: iOS


More Video Editors

YouTube Capture: Do simple editing, stitch and trim your videos will on the go. Once the video is done, add the soundtrack or background music you want, color stabilization and run some color correction before sharing it on Youtube. [Download: iOS]

YouTube Capture

MixBit: Created by the same people who brought you YouTube, MixBit is a video-sharing site for mobile. It does come with an app that lets you record clips then edit, trim or stitch multiple videos into one. You can also remix clips that have been uploaded by other users to the site. [Download: iOS, Android]


Splice: A powerful video editing app that gives you desktop quality tools, Splice lets you mix and match videos, photos and music to create your final piece. Editing is simple, using a video and audio timeline for precise control. You can also add effects and transitions via in-app purchases. [Download: iOS]


Lumify: Lumify is an easy to use video editor that is well suited for beginners. Users can mix and match the videos, add in music from their library or their own stock music, add in voice overs, filters and environmental effects to theirr final piece. Once created, you can share the video to a number of video sharing sites easily in app. [Download: iOS]


Action Movie FX: If you want to add in a bit of special effects to your videos, the good people from Bad Robot has a simple-to-use app that can give your videos that Hollywood magic touch. You get 6 high quality special effects to choose from, but can get more through in-app purchase. [Download: iOS]

Action Movie FX

Cinefy: Give your iPhone-captured videos that Hollywood effect with Cinefy. The app provides a few of the effects for free with the rest of the effects available as an in-app purchase. Note that the app is going to take up a bit of space (1 GB!) on your device but the effects may be worth it. [Download: iOS]


Spotliter: We have covered Spotliter before since we loved the idea of being able to add and switch filters while we record videos. Fore a more in-depth look, check out the review here. [Download: iOS]


VideoCollage: If you like to create photo collages, VideoCollage lets you do the same with videos. The app also makes it easy to share to your social networks, and in-app purchases remove ads and watermark. [Download: iOS, Android]


Clipper: A quick and simple video editor for when you need to quickly edit some footage. Clipper allows you to stitch together your video clips, slap in some filters and stock music and off the video goes to Facebook or Twitter. Add music and remove watermarks with an in-app purchase. [Download: iOS]


Cute Cut: A fully featured video editor for your iOS device, Cute Cut also lets you draw and add text to your videos. Drag and drop videos or other media files like photos along the timeline for easy editing. To create longer videos and remove the watermark, get this via in-app purchase. [Download: iOS]

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