20 Creative Branding And Identity Designs For Your Inspiration

We previously featured creative envelope designs to showcase how companies can extend their branding efforts to print. The examples in this post however, encompasses a larger scope. These are identity designs for the purpose of branding, and they take a life of their own.

Using clever color coordinations, these branding attempts extend to company logos, pens, envelopes, writing pads, postcards, booklets, CDs, letterhead, business cards, ink stamps, and even mobile apps. It almost makes you want to design your own range of corporate identity, doesn’t it?

Here are 20 ways companies are using their stationery for creative branding purposes. Name your favorites!

SmashingNico by Nico Lopez

Self Promotion by Heidi Aalerud

Daisy Bank Soap Co. by Passport, Jonathan Finch, and Rosalind Stoughton

Melody / Arguile Identity by Jonny Delap

Visualworx by ATMO Designstudio

The Argonaut by Dawson Beggs

Self Promotion / Stationery by Genevieve Dennis

Stationery / Branding Mock-Up by infostyle.itembridge

Engler Studio Identity by Eight Hour Day

Personal Mailer by Peter Childs

BONSDESIGN by Leonardo Zakour, Gabriel Pollack, BONS


Spencer’s Crossing by Jennifer Springman

Squirl Corporate Identity by squirl.

Platform (Brand) by Tim Smith

Chomp Identity by Logan Johnson

Union by Catherine McLeod, DAVE RODGERS, and Northink

Wanderlust by Foreign Policy

Branding / Identity Mockup by BlueMonkeyLab

Multi-Dimension Branding / Identity Mock-Up IV by yogurt86


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