20 High Tech Outdoor Camping Gear & Gadgets

This post is dedicated to the hardworking geek who also has a love for sweet mother nature. If you are into hiking with your family members, traversing the outdoors, climbing hills or peaks and would like to bask in the sounds of nature while keep your gadgets closeby, there are solutions listed here that you will probably love.

Compiled in this list are 20 high tech gear and gadgets for your next outdoor adventure or camping trip. For those who have to conduct research in wooded areas, we have also listed some high tech tools to help you document your data, recharge your batteries, give you safe drinking water (very important) and keep you safe and and on track.

MPOWERD Luci. An inexpensive solar charged lantern that can produce 80 lumens of light for a 15 square feet area. [$14.95]


Eton Scorpion. A rugged & splashproof NOAA weather/AM/FM radio with LED flashlight ,and it doubles as a tool to charge your devices in the outdoors, either by hand crank or solar panels. [$49.99]


Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter System. Easily get clean water by filling the bag up and squeezing the water out through the water filter device. A must have for long hikes or mountain climbs. [$59.99]


X-1 Surge Contact Waterproof Headset. Waterproof earphones with a built-in microphone for the hiker who likes to listen to an ebook or music while hiking. [$69.99]

X-1 Surge

CamelBak All Clear Bottle. Fill it with dirty water, turn on the UV cap and shake for 60 seconds for clean, drinkable water. Uses USB to recharge but a full battery lets you use it for 80 cycles, you’re good. [$89]

CamelBak All Clear

Nemo Helio Pressure Shower. Fill the bag with water, step on the foot pump a few times and you’ll have high pressured, warm (if left under the sun) showers in the most unforgiving jungles. [$99.95]

Nemo Helio

Handspresso Wild Hybrid. For coffee addicts who need a tasteful espresso every morning throughout their travels, hikes and outdoor adventures. [€99]

Handspresso Wild Hybrid

Petzl NAO Headlamp. A ‘smart’ headlamp with a light sensor that automatically gives you the right amount of light you need when you read a map, walk on a trail or look into the distance. [$140]

Petzl NAO

LifeProof Braven BRV-1 Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers. For that picnic by the waterfall with a bunch of friends who want to listen to their favorite tunes. [$179.99]

LifeProof Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Powertraveller Powermonkey Extreme. A very slim, rugged, waterproof and portable solar charger that has a USB port and 9000mAh battery for when the clouds block the sun. [£120]


Victorinox Expedition Kit. A multi-tool kit that fits into your pocket with 41 functions including a built-in digital alarm clock, altimeter, barometer, thermometer and LED light. [$185]


BioLite Campstove with Portable Grill. Easily create a fire for cooking where it then uses heat to charge the battery pack. Charge your devices via USB with the battery pack. [$189.90]

BioLite Campstove

JakPak Waterproof Jacket, Sleeping Bag & Tent. You can wear it as a jacket and instantly unzip some material to make it into a sleeping bag. It then can deploy a tent over your head for a warm, dry and comfortable sleep. [$199.99]


Meet Earl Survival Tablet. GPS, weather sensor, barometer, thermometer, compass, AM/FM/SW/LW radio, solar charging, Bluetooth 4.0, built in walkie-talkie that works up to 20 miles and Android 4.1 displayed on a e-ink screen for low battery consumption. [$299]

Meet Earl

Garmin Quatix. Hands-free navigation with built-in GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass & thermometer. It can wirelessly connect to heart rate monitors and smartphones, and is rechargeable via USB. [$399.99]

Garmin Quatix

Lumix TS5 Tough Camera. A waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and freezeproof camera that has Wi-Fi capabilities to wirelessly transfer your content. Also NFC-enabled letting you use your smartphone as a camera remote. [$399.99]


Garmin Monterra. A GPS device that’s almost a smartphone with Android and Google Play apps, 8-megapixel camera, 3D Maps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC which is navigated on a touch screen. [$649.99]

Garmin Monterra

Heimplanet Tent. A tent that fits into a small bag which is then inflated with an air pump in minutes and can fit 2 to 3 people. [€499-€549]

Heimplanet Tent

Olympus OM-D E-M5. A weatherproof powerful camera that can take 16.1-megapixel pictures and 1080p video recording with a touch-enabled LCD that can be tilted for those hard to reach angles. [$1299.99]

Olympus OM-D E-M5

Sony Digital Recording Binoculars. 25x binocular magnification with image stabilization during video recording in full HD and 3D modes. [$1999.99]

Sony Binoculars


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