20 iOS7 Wallpapers That Look Great On Your iPad/iPhone

iOS7 is here. It is flat, bright and bold, which means that there are changes to be made – to app icons, company logos and even a taste in wallpapers. If you haven’t updated to iOS7 but are not really sure how, we’ve got a post to help you do that. Perhaps after that, you’d like to have a run at the new features you will find on the latest iOS from Apple.

If you are looking for some high-quality resources to build for iOS7, we got you covered too but if wallpapers are the only thing you are looking for, here are 20 beautiful wallpapers perfect for iOS7, for both iPhones and iPads. Do check out the sources for more selections by the original designer.

iPhone Wallpapers

Blrrr by Blrrr.com

iOS Grid Wallpaper by Kal Michael

Glow by Nik

Trio Hot, Cool and Cold by Marc Edwards

Light5 by Wasimagined

LS Climacons by KillingTheEngine

Noir* by Boris P. Borisov

Rainbowz by AppleEdge

Vector wallpaper by lambo311

Parallel by Simon C Page

Wall- by Hellopin

iPad Wallpapers

2011sky by stormMajki

iPad Wallpaper by Alex Tenyotkin

M106 by Anton Kudin

Trio Hot, Cool and Cool by Marcs Edwards

Farst Lights by MustBeResult

HD Aurora by Nanatrex

iPad Galaxy II by Martz90

Noir* by Boris P. Borisov

Zara by MustBeResult


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