20 Lenses That Add A New Dimension To Your iPhone Camera

As the saying goes, the best camera is the one that’s with you. For most people, this probably means a smartphone of some sort — probably an iPhone. While an iPhone is great for candid and spur-of-the-moment photos, it’s not the most versatile camera out there. The fixed focal length and digital zoom means that there are photos that you just can’t get with your iPhone.

But there’s no reason why you necessarily have to live with these limitations. There are a lot of lenses available for the iPhone that can make up for the standard lack of versatility.

20 Lenses That Add A New Dimension To Your IPhone Camera

Telephoto or wide angle, fisheye or macro, this list will show you that there are a lot of options out there to pick from. What’s more, we also have 5 special lens kits that let you shoot around corners, take videos in 360 degrees, etc. Check out these 20 lenses and lens kits that can really push your iPhone camera to the limit.

Photojojo Cell Phone Lenses. Photojojo offers 5 different lenses: a combination wide angle/macro lens, a fisheye lens, a super fisheye lens, a 2x telephoto lens, and a polarizing lens. [$20 – $25 per lens; $90 for iPhone Super Kit]

Photojojo Cell Phone Lenses

Gizmon Smartclip. Gizmon’s Smartclip series has 6 different filters and lenses that simply clip onto your iPhone. The series ranges from the common macro and fisheye lenses to more unique filters such as center focus and cross screen filters. [$23 – $49.99 per lens]

Gizmon Smartclip

Holga Lens Filter And Case Kit. This fun little accessory gives you 9 different fiters and special lens effects. The filters and effects are on a rotating wheel, so you can quickly switch between them to suit your fancy. [$28.99]

Holga Lens Filter And Case Kit

iPhone Telephoto Lens. The iPhone Telephoto Lens is a 12x telephoto that lets you get up close and personal to your subjects. It comes with a special case that the lens screws onto, as well as a collapsible table tripod. [$35]

iPhone Telephoto Lens

Mobi-Lens. The Mobi-Lens comes in two variants; a fisheye and a combination wide and macro lens. They clip on to your iPhone and work with both the front and back cameras. [$39.99 per lens; $64.99 for both]


Olloclip 4-IN-1 iPhone Lens. Olloclip’s 4-IN-1 iPhone Lens is a lens package that simply slides onto your iPhone. The 4-IN-1 has a wide angle lens, a fisheye lens and two macro lenses offering 10x and 15x magnification. [$69.99]

Olloclip 4-IN-1 iPhone Lens

Olloclip 3-IN-1 iPhone Macro Lens. The Olloclip 3-IN-1 Macro Lens is similar to Olloclip’s 4-IN-1, but only carrying macro lenses. The 3 lenses offer 7x, 14x and 21x magnification. The 3-IN-1 Macro Lens also includes focusing cups to help you focus on your subjects. [$69.99]

Olloclip 3-IN-1 iPhone Macro Lens

PhoGo iPhone 5 Photography Case Kit. The PhoGo kit consists of a case, a fisheye and combination wide angle and macro lens, as well as a sunhood that also doubles as a stand. [$79.95]

PhoGo iPhone 5 Photography Case Kit

Tricloptic iPhone Camera Lens. The Tricloptic iPhone Camera Lens combines a hard plastic case and rotating spindle with three lenses: a fisheye, a wide angle and a 2x telephoto lens. You can also use the standard iPhone lens without having to remove the case. [$99.95]

Tricloptic iPhone Camera Lens

Action Life Media mCAMLITE. The mCAMLITE is a heavy-duty aluminium case for the iPhone that improves stability and includes a combination of wide angle and macro lens. You can also attach a 180-degree external microphone. [$129.95]

Action Life Media mCAMLITE

Optrix PhotoProX. The PhotoProX is an IPX8 waterproof case that supports 4 interchangeable lenses: a 10x macro lens, a 2x telephoto lens, a fisheye lens and a flat lens that protects your iPhone lens when underwater. [$149.95]

Optrix PhotoProX

Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit. It’s a bold claim, but there might be some truth to it. This ultimate kit consists of 8x and 2x telephoto lenses, a 60x microscope, a fisheye lens, a combination wide and macro lens, as well as a tripod and lens wallet. [$199]

Ultimate iPhone Lens Kit

Phocus 5 Lens Bundle. Phocus’ 5 Lens Bundle includes the Phocus Case, a sturdy iPhone case with 37mm lens thread and five lenses: a wide angle lens, a telephoto lens, 10x and 12x macro lenses and a fisheye lens. It also includes two lens caps and two carrying pouches. [$199.95]

Phocus 5 Lens Bundle

Schneider Optics iPro Lens System Trio Kit. The iPro Lens System Trio Kit features 3 lenses designed by the renowned Century Optics: a 2x telephoto lens, a super wide lens and a macro lens. The kit also comes with a special case onto which the lenses attach. [$229.99]

Schneider Optics iPro Lens System Trio Kit

IZZi Orbit. The iZZi Orbit is a case with a rotating lens attachment that holds 4 lenses: a fisheye lens, a wide angle lens, a 2x telephoto lens and a macro lens acccessible by unscrewing the wide angle lens. [$239.99]

iZZi Orbit

ProScope Micro Mobile. If macro lenses don’t go close up enough for you, maybe the ProScope Micro Mobile is what you need. The Micro Mobile offers 20x to 80x magnification, and comes with a built in LED light. [$149]

ProScope Micro Mobile

Kogeto Dot. The Kogeto Dot lets you shoot 360-degree videos and share it with the world using the accompanying Looker app. The best thing of all is that these videos are fully interactive; viewers can swipe across the entire 360 degree field of view, or watch the whole video in super-widescreen. [$49]

Kogeto Dot

HiLO Lens. The HiLO Lens is a right-angle lens that allows you to shoot around corners and from angles that are normally uncomfortable for iPhone photography. The HiLo has an accompanying camera app that corrects mirroring and enhances photo quality. [$69.95]

HiLO Lens

GoPano Micro. The GoPano Micro is a lot like the Kogeto Dot, except with a different shape that some users might find easier to use. Like the Dot, it lets you shoot and share interactive 360-degree video with the aid of the GoPano app. [$95]

GoPano Micro

Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter Lens. Moondog Labs’ Anamorphic Adapter Lens will "squeeze" 33% more width into your photos and videos, which you can then "de-squeeze" in post-production for that classic anamorphic look. [$125 pledge on Kickstarter]

Moondog Labs Anamorphic Adapter Lens


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