20 Unique Wrist Watches Fit For Geeks

A classy wrist watch is great for formal events, dinner parties and is a functional accessory fit for a casual day out. The type of watch you wear spells out the kind of person you are, whether you are one with a great sense of fashion, with expensive taste, prefer things simple and minimalistic or will go all out for function over form. These watches though are in a class of their own.


In this article, we’re going to feature watches that are out of this world, some requiring a manual to help you learn how to decipher the time. If that sounds like the watch for you, we have picked out 20 geeky and unique-looking watches for you to check out. Time’s a-wasting. Let’s check them out.

Tokyoflash – Optical Illusion

You might need some time to get used to reading the optical illusion or you can always choose to ‘cheat’ by tapping the four touch-sensitive corners of the display. That is also where you can set an alarm, use the backlight feature and show the date. [$199]

Tokyoflash Optical Illusion

Tokyoflash – Space Digits

This watch is like an arcade game with 3D tunnels. Reading from left to right will tell you the time (yellow shows 6:28, do you see it?) while reading from the top down gives you the date (04/30, ya this one is a bit trickier). It has a built-in alarm, a backlight and a 3D animation that plays every 15 minutes. [$149]

Space Digits Tokyoflash

Phosphor – World Time

The curved E-Ink display allows the case of the watch to curve as well, making it comfortable to wear (at only 9.3mm thick). It can be displayed with a black or white background with the digits in contrasting colors. Navigate this watch by swiping through the display to check out the world time. [$175.00]

Phosphor World Time

Solder: Time Watch Kit

For a truly geeky watch, why not make your own with this easy to do solder kit. It has all the components you need and all you have to do is assemble it. The clear plastic case shows all the components within for an extra geeky look. It’s also hackable so you can write your own source code to program anything on the LED display. [$35]

Solder Time Watch Kit

Ritmo Mundo Reflex

Ritmo Mundo has gone back in time and created this slap-on bracelet watch called the Reflex. A total of 28 LEDs light up to tell you the time or date upon the press of a button. It’s quite simple to read, the left column displays the hour and AM/PM while the right column displays the minutes. It comes in 15 different color variants. [$150]

Ritmo Mundo Reflex

Tokyoflash – Uzumaki

This analog watch features an outer ring that tells you the hour while the inner ring displays the minutes. Although there’s a second hand, you won’t be able to accurately count minutes as there are no minute markings. Uzumaki translates to whirlpool, go figure. [$139]

Tokyoflash Uzumaki

Void – V02

Here’s an unconventional one. It looks half covered but yes, you can tell time with it, here’s the manual. But the gist of it is the short hand points to the hour, the long to the minute, however each hand has two colors, white and red. So when it is the red hand, the red numbers it points to is the correct time; the same applies to the white hand. Seriously, just check out the manual. [€155-€195]

Void V02


This particular model comes in 3 different color variants and only has one button to turn on the backlight. The way you read the time is by reading the hour from the outer ring while the inner ring displays the minutes. The ZIIIRO logo in the middle is shown when it’s PM and hidden when it’s AM. The drawbacks of this watch is that it has no alarm or timer functions. [€179]



This watch has 2 transparent gradient discs, blue that represents the hour and another yellow one that represents the minutes. The green you see on the watch is created by the mixing of the 2 colors. When in doubt, just look at the borders of the colors. The straps on this watch has no buckle and is like a bracelet; the bracelet straps are available in various colors. [€129]


Tokyoflash – Spider

The Tokyoflash Spider uses 4 hexagons of different sizes to tell you the time. Each hexagon starting from the outer one represents a number of the current time. Read from the outer most to the inner most hexagon. It has a unique transparent LCD display. However, there’s no alarm function so you’re left with only the date and backlight feature. [$189]

Spider Tokyoflash

Phosphor – Touch Time

This is a smarter digital watch with a permanently on and bright backlit LCD touch screen with swipe capabilities to navigate through the different apps and choose different time faces. You can set multiple alarms, reminders, view the calendar, use the stopwatch and calculator and it doesn’t require daily recharging. [$159-$209]

Touch Time Phosphor


The concept behind QLOCKTWO W is to tell the time with words instead of numbers. Other than the 2 different colors, the watch is also sold in Spanish, French and German. The time isn’t shown all the time so you’ll have to press the single button on the side to show the date and time or hold it down to set the date and time. [$700]



We’ve featured the Mutewatch before and it now comes with even more colors. The watch is touch- and motion-sensitive where you can flick your wrist or tap the face to show the time; swiping the face lets you navigate the menus. It also features a vibration alarm and uses a battery that can be charged via USB. [$259-$299]


ClickWatch Safe

This is the brushed stainless steel version of the original Keypad watch. Pressing the ’0′ will show you the time while pressing the ‘asterisk’ shows you the date. The time or date is displayed as numbers light up one at a time. [$160]

ClickWatch Safe

Nooka Zub Zayu

Although this watch might have an unusual orientation, it can be worn on both left and right wrists. The pill-shaped dots determines the hour, while the wider bar fills up to show the minutes; the thinner bar is obviously for the seconds. Pressing one of the buttons allows you to reverse the bars so that it’s not upside down when worn on the other wrist. [$119]

Nooka Zayu

Nixon – Lodown

The Lodown is pre-programmed with tide information which includes future tide and wave counters for over 200 beaches until 2020. Surf addicts will be able to catch the best waves. It has 20 different color combinations that may attract non-surfers as well. [$125]

Nixon Lodown

LED Binary Watch

The One sells these geeky binary watches that’s quite simple to read but involves basic addition for you to determine the time. The top row of LEDs determines the hour while the bottom row determines the minutes. Adding up the numbers that are lit up gives you the time. [$159.00]

Binary Watch

Nooka Zub 20

This is a unique watch that comes with many colors and special editions. The dots arranged in a circle shows you the hour while the bottom line fills up to show you the minutes. The small box counts the number of seconds while the dots show the AM/PM. The watch also features an alarm and chronograph mode. [$119]

Nooka Zub 20

Remix Watch

The Remix watch might look like any ordinary wrist watch but what’s cool about it is that with a press of a button the whole thing lights up with multi-colored LEDs. The flashing of lights lasts for about 10 seconds before turning off. The colored face and straps are also interchangeable to create your own unique colored combination. [$44.95-$54.95]

Remix Watch

The Gentleman’s Faceless Watch

No one will know that this fancy looking bracelet can actually tell the time. By pressing one of the buttons, the LEDs will light up to show you the time. It’s quite simple and elegant that comes in 2 color choices to fit your style. [$149.95]

Faceless Watch


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