23 Free Sponge Textures For Your Next Project

In our daily life, we use lots of things and sponges are one of them. When we listen the word sponge, few things that come in our mind are that sponges are used for washing, bathing, or absorbing liquids, etc. Sponges can also be used in different ways like it can be used in web or graphic designing. Yes, in this collection we are going to showcase 23 free and marvelous sponge textures for your next designing project.

This collection will show you that using sponges in a right way can give your designs a fabulous result. This is because sponge contains a nice look and texture and for this reason sponges are used in web and graphic designing. Sponge textures enhance the designs look and feel this is the reason that all experience, creative and talented designers are using sponge textures. With this collection, we aim to share with you cool and inspirational stocks for the world of creativeness and design for free. Do let us know what you feel about this round up.

Yellow Sponge Texture

Holes White Sponge Texture


Old Sponge 1

Sponge texture package

Sponge Texture 1


Brown Raw Sponge Texture

Dry Sponge Texture

Industrial sponge texture

Sponge Texture

Sponge Texture

Sponge – Texture

Sponge Rock Texture – Stock

Sponge Texture 3


Soft as Sponge

Blue Green Dry Sponge Texture

Sheer Paper 1

Sponge Free Texture

Sponge Texture

Texture LV Copper Sponge

Free textures

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