25 Creative Bookshelf Designs You Have Got To See

If you love books, no tablet, e-book or e-reader will make you abandon your love for paper and print. And no self-respecting bookworm will mistreat his or her library of books. However, if you can’t find space for a personal library, at home or at work, maybe these creative bookshelves can help you better organize your favorite reading materials.

Has Been Read And Will Be Read Bookshelf

Here are 25 creative ways to organize and display your books, ranging for water pipes to curvy trees, to ‘the cloud’ and even bookshelves you can’t see! Plus, if you are the DIY type, these will serve as a great source of inspiration for your own version of a creative bookshelf.

The Infinity Bookcase. (Image Source: Job Koelewijn)

The Infinity Bookcase

The Staircase Bookshelf. (Image Source: apartmenttherapy)

The Staircase Bookshelf

Bookseat. (Image Source: Fishbol)


Circular Walking Bookshelf. (Image Source: David Garcia Studio)

Circular Walking Bookshelf

The Neverending Bookshelf. (Image Source: Luca Nichetto and Andreoli)

The Neverending Bookshelf

Console Bookshelves. (Image Source: Stanislav Katz)

Console Bookshelves

The Equation Bookshelf. (Image Source: Estudio Breder)

The Equation Bookshelf

Movement Bookshelf. (Image Source: Samulnoli)

Movement Bookshelf

Invisible Bookshelves. (Image Source: pennysdaybook)

Invisible Bookshelves

Inverted Bookshelf. (Image Source: Instructables)

Inverted Bookshelf

Pulse Bookshelf. (Image Source: Mans Salomonsen)

Pulse Bookshelf

Elastico Bookcase. (Image Source: Arianna Vivenzio)

Elastico Bookcase

Bias of Thoughts. (Image Source: Laughing Squid)

Bias of Thoughts

Chuck. (Image Source: Hafriko)


Round Sofa. (Image Source: Irina Zhdanova)

Round Sofa

BookTree. (Image Source: Kostas Syrtariotis)


Second And A Half Dimension Shelves. (Image Source: Chris Burns)

Second and a Half Dimension Shelves

READ Bookshelf. (Image Source: mubarocks)

READ Bookshelf

United States Bookshelf. (Image Source: hiconsumption)

United States Bookshelf

“Has Been Read” And “Will Be Read” Bookshelf. (Image Source: ezgiayaz)

Has Been Read And Will Be Read Bookshelf

The Corner Industrial Bookshelf. (Image Source: Stella Bleu Designs)

The Corner Industrial Bookshelf

Malagana: Equilibrium Bookcase. (Image Source: Malagana)

Malagana: Equilibrium Bookcase

Dream Bookshelf. (Image Source: Dripta Design)

Dream Bookshelf

Ousama Bookshelf. (Image Source: Dripta Design)

Ousama Bookshelf

Bookworm Bookshelf. (Image Source: Kartell)

Kartell Bookworm Bookshelf


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