25 Gift Ideas For Professional DSLR Users

Photography, these days, is a very popular hobby. You can’t walk for ten minutes in a city without spotting someone taking a photograph of something or another. Thing is, though, while more and more people are using smartphones as their main cameras, DSLRs still rule the roost in terms of versatility, image quality and all around usefulness.

Cinetics CineSkates

This holiday season, if you’re stuck trying to buy gifts for that DSLR user (or users) in your life, we have this list of 25 accessories and items for DSLR users that can help you out. Whether you’re buying for a seasoned professional, or just a hobbyist, there will probably be something in this list to help solve your gift-buying woes.

Lowepro DryZone 200. This is the world’s first waterproof camera backpack. It’s also soft-sided, so you won’t feel like you’re carrying a box on your back. It also floats in water. [$399]

LowePro DryZone 200

Ona The Bolton Street. Here’s a stylish side-access backpack for your DSLR, which means you won’t have to take the backpack off to get your DSLR out. It also has a pocket for a 13 inch laptop. [$359]

Ona The Bolton Street

The Carlisle Camera Bag. A snazzy bag inspired by the bags carried by British schoolchildren, this camera bag is made of lightweight water-resistant material and has movable interior dividers. [$110]

The Carlisle Camera Bag

Inside Line Equipment Ultimate Photographer’s Bag Prime. The inside is a 30-liter bag with a rolltop main compartment, large side pockets, built with weatherproof construction. [$320]

Inside Line Equipment Ultimate Photographer's Bag Prime

Blackrapid Cargo Strap. The Cargo Strap is a comfortable, heavy-duty sling-type camera strap. It has a heavy-duty metal clip and tripod screw so your camera is always secure on the strap. There are also extra storage compartments for smartphones, memory cards and so on. [$71.95]

Blackrapid Cargo Strap

The Spring Break Camera Strap. The Spring Break Camera Strap is a funky, colourful strap for fashion-conscious DSLR users. It’s made of soft neoprene so it’s comfortable to wear, and is still strong enough to hold up to 120 pounds. [$26]

The Spring Break Camera Strap

Personalized Leather Camera Strap. This leather strap is hand-made from Italian cowhide and finished with beeswax. The leather loop that comes with the strap can be personalized with up to five characters for that special personal touch. [$45]

Personalized Leather Camera Strap

The Fisheye Lens. This handy fisheye lens adapter gives you full 180-degree photography without having to buy a new lens. Simply screw the adapter onto your current lens and have fun capturing things from a new perspective. [$50-55]

The Fisheye Lens

DSLR Wheel Of Filters. The DSLR Wheel Of Filters has eighteen different filters and prisms that you can switch between simply by turning a wheel. From weird dual colour tones to kaleidoscope prisms, the DSLR Wheel of Filters probably has something for everyone. [$40]

DSLR Wheel of Filters

Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom. Get a grip with this GorillaPod! Secure your camera onto almost any object, at any angle with a zoom lens and snap away. [$54.95]

Joby GorillaPod SLR-Zoom

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB + SBH-100 Ball Head. This is an aluminium tripod with features such as a Multi-Angle Central Column and legs that adjust to three different angles. The SBH-100 ball head can rotate 360 degrees. [$229]

Vanguard Alta Pro 263AB + SBH-100 Ball Head

The Expedition Wooden Tripod. Not a fan of aluminium? Here is a stylish tripod made from sustainably harvested ash. The wood is durable, dampens vibrations and (let’s be honest) looks really cool. [$290]

The Expedition Wooden Tripod

TVC-34L Versa Series 3. A top-of the line carbon fiber tripod hand-made in the United States. It’s lightweight but also incredibly durable and strong. There are also smaller versions if the TVC-34L is too tall for you. [$1045]

Really Right Stuff TVC-34L Versa Series 3

Cinetics CineSkates. CineSkates is a set of skateboard-style wheels that attaches to Joby’s GorillaPod Focus. These wheels ensure smooth camera motion for moving and tracking shots, especially important for video work. [$299.95]

Cinetics CineSkates

iFlow. The iFlow is a portable, compact dolly for DSLRs, compact cameras and the iPhone. The iFlow latches onto most surfaces within seconds, so you can get straight to shooting quickly. [$149]


ZipShooter Pro. An incredibly versatile portable dolly system, it works as a linear, curved or under-sling dolly, and will also serve as a hand or shoulder support rig. It folds compactly for easy transportation. [$425]

ZipShooter Pro

Rhino Slider. The Rhino Slider is an affordable and lightweight 48-inch slider for tracking shots. Its low-friction design means you can simply use gravity to slide your camera from one end to the other, and the all-terrain legs allow you to set it up on almost any surface. [$475]

Rhino Slider

Cineik IR13. The IR13 is an advanced rail and shoulder support system that stands out for its interchangeability. Users can add more accessories as they see fit, to suit any situation. You can buy the system and rails separately, or buy a complete shoulder support system. [$700 for complete shoulder support system]

Cineik IR13

Spaulding International Cinema The Ghost. The Ghost is a robotic camera stabilizer that’s programmed to make sure your camera stays level. It’s made out of carbon fibre to ensure durability and to minimize weight. It comes in both pre-assembled and kit forms. [$2350 assembled; $1895 kit]

Spaulding International Cinema The Ghost

Swivl. The Swivl is a multipurpose, motion-tracking robotic platform for DSLRs and tablets. When used with a DSLR, Swivl and its DSLR Control app can even be used to adjust settings and fire the trigger. [$149]


Cameramator. The Cameramator is a device that allows you to tether your DSLR to your iOS device wirelessly. You can transfer images, preview and edit images, and control your DSLR, all from your iPad or iPhone. The Cameramator also supports tethering to Mac. [$299.95]


Hyperdrive iUSBportCAMERA. The iUSBportCAMERA functions similarly to the Cameramator, but with the additional ability to control video recording from the companion app. The iUSBportCAMERA supports Mac, PC, iOS and Android. [$299.95]


TriggerTrap. The TriggerTrap is a sync cord that lets you control your DSLR from your iOS or Android device. It can function as a shutter remote, a motion or sound trigger, as well as time and distance lapse. It works in conjunction with a free iOS or Android app. [$30]


Michron. The Michron is a device that, together with an app, turns your smartphone into a time-lapse photography controller for your DSLR. The app comes with presets, so even novices will be able to produce great time-lapse photography from the start. [$50 minimum pledge]


The Lens Apparatus. The Lens Apparatus is a lens controller for time-lapse and video. It provides follow focus control in conjunction with the included ChronoController, so you can accurately manipulate zoom, focus and depth of field while shooting your time-lapse or video. [$449.99]

The Lens Apparatus


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