30 Cheatsheets & Infographics For Software Developers

We don’t mention software developers on this site often enough but it would be a crime to not have a cheatsheet for this group after catering cheatsheet collections for:

If you are just embarking on a journey to learn a programming language or would just like to find some cheats that would make debugging a tad bit easier, we have a compilation of 30 cheatsheets & infographics for software developers.

Keep in mind that each link will lead you to the original site where you can view the entire content of the cheatsheet or infographic, or download it in PDF.

How To Become A Software Developer

How To Become A Software Developer

The Developers Toolkit

Developer Toolkit

Why Software Developers Should Prototype

Software Prototype

The Evolution of Programming

Evolution of Programming

Career Opportunities in Software and Mobile Applications Development

Software and Mobile Developement

Top 10 Programming Languages

Top 10 Programming Languages

What Makes A Great Software Engineer?

Great Software Engineer

A Brief History of Open-Source Code

Open Source History

Computer Programming Languages

Programming Languages

The New Industrial Revolution Favors Developers

Industrial Developers

The History of Programming Languages Infographic

History of Programming Languages

jQuery Cheatsheet – The site also has cheatsheets for many other programming languages.

jQuery Cheatsheet

C# Basics Reference Sheet (PDF)

CSharp Basic

C++11 Cheatsheet

C++11 Cheatsheet

C++11 Regex Cheatsheet

C++11 Regex

Node.JS Help Sheet (PDF)

Node.JS Help Sheet

Java Syntax Cheatsheet (PDF)

Java Syntax Cheatsheet

Java Cheatsheet

Java Cheatsheet

JavaScript Cheatsheet (PDF)

JavaScript Cheatsheet

Objective-C Cheatsheet & Quick Reference (PDF)

Objective-C Cheatsheet

C Reference Card (ANSI) (PDF)

C Reference Card

Core C# and .NET Quick Reference (PDF)

CSharp Reference

Ruby QuickRef

Ruby QuickRef

Ruby Cheatsheet (PDF)

Ruby Cheatsheet

Python 2.6 Quick Reference

Python 2.6 Quick Reference

Flash ActionScript Quick Reference

Flash ActionScript

PHP Cheatsheet

PHP Cheatsheet

Coding Guidelines for C# 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 (PDF)

CSharp Coding Guidelines

ActionScript 3.0 Syntax Cheatsheet (PDF)

ActionScript 3.0 Syntax

C# Cheatsheet & Notes (PDF)

CSharp PDF


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