30+ CSS-Only Code Snippets That Are Absolutely Free To Use

We regularly post CSS3 and HTML5 code snippets for the web developers because we know how much of a hot commodity they are for the web developers. Keeping this fact in mind, we have come up with yet another collection of 37 CSS only code snippets that are absolutely free to use. We are pretty much sure that you will like this compilation and find these code snippets useful for you as well.

We all know that CSS3 and HTML5 have greatly pushed the web development boundaries of what is possible online. This is the reason why HTML5 and CSS3 are so much popular among the web developers and web designers. With this collection, we aim to share with you cool and inspirational stocks for the world of creativeness and design for free!

CSS3 Working Clock

CSS3 Pricing Tables

CSS Loader

Pure CSS3 MacBook Air with Thunderbird Display and Keyboard

Collection CSS3 Buttons

CSS3 Loading Animation

CSS Dashed Shadow

CSS3 Checkbox Style


Setting Pannel

Amazing Css Slidr

CSS Rating Stars

Float Lable With CSS

Pure CSS3 Vertical Menu With Nice Hover Effect

CSS3 Stamp Effect Using Radial Gradients



Social Navigation

Social Footer

Parallax Landscape

CSS3 Thermometer

Flat CSS3 Weather Widget

The CSS3 Round Breadcrumb

CSS3 Hover Effect using :after Psuedo Element

Email UI

CSS Flat Button Shapes

Flat Icon CSS

Logo Animation

CSS Only Animated Checkbox

Radial Menu Experiment

Searchbox Expendable With Pure CSS

Animated Progress Bar

CSS Scroll Bar

Bootstrap3 Form

CSS Image Slider2

Twitter Button

Pure CSS Parallax Scrolling

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