40 Free And Useful Abstract Mosaic Textures

With this collection, we want to share something very creative with you guys. This time it is abstract mosaic textures. Basically, mosaic is a form of art where different colored tiles or stones or papers or other mediums of different shapes and sizes are placed together in an artistic manner to create different patterns and images. One can see such type of art in old-aged structures such as churches, temples, and mansions.

In this post, we have put together a collection of some free as well as useful abstract mosaic textures for you. So take a look at this collection and choose which texture will be useful for you. Moreover, all of these textures are free to use so go ahead and download as many as you like. Please chime in with other recommendations! Your comments are always more than welcome! Enjoy!


Mosaic Tile texture

Gold Mosaic Tile Texture Stock

Mosaic Texture in Glass Globs

Mosaic, Eden Project

Mosaic of Multicolored Stones


Stock Texture – Brown Mosaic

Mosaic of Red Glass


Tiles 1

Mosaic Landscape

Mosaic Texture Green Tile

Mosaic Texture in Turquoise

Old Mosaic Texture

Broken glass 1 by A Bigwood


Sunstone72-Stock 296


Mosaic Texture in Blue Glass

Mosaic, Alcazar

Gray mosaic

Sidewalk mosaic

Sidewalk mosaic

Mosaic stock 3

Mosaic tile texture of an old bathroom

Stone Texture – STOCK

Mosaic stock


Kingdom of Lilacs Texture 3

Mosaic 1

Mosaic Texture

Descent II Texture-Mosaic

Mosaic Invaders

Mosaic Texture in Blue Glass

Nebula Mosaic

Mosaic textures


Spiral Mosaic

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