40 Free Fonts for Flat Design

Flat design is one of the hottest web trends of 2013. Even before it was featured in the latest iOS redesign, many designers were already smittened with the simplistic and minimalistic design that is flat design. It is a combination of colors and typography having no use of textures, fancy 3D effects and drop shadows. Check out some of the past flat design posts we have released:

I believe that typography is a key component to the success of flat design. You can’t just use any font in a flat design, the fonts have to be specific, kind of like these 40 really irresistible free fonts for flat design.

All the fonts you find here are bold, simple, and straight-forward which is suitable for the modern and minimalistic flat design concept. Of course, they can be used not only for flat design, but for any web project you like.

1. Tracks Type by Gumpita Rahayu

2. Franchise by Weathersbee Type

3. Mido by cufonfonts

4. Sertig by Dannci

5. Circula by Paragraph

6. ChunkFive by The League of Moveable Type

7. Homestead Font by Luke Lisi

8. Canter Typeface by Christopher J. Lee

9. Mojave Typeface by Gumpita Rahayu

10. ONRAMP by Michael Spitz

11. Lovelo font by Renzler Design

12. Lato by Google Fonts

13. Linux Libertine by Philipp H. Poll

14. Exo by Natanael Gama

15. Junction by Caroline Hadilaksono

16. KIDOT FONT by Anastasia Yakovleva and kidstudio

17. Manteka by Eduardø Araya

18. Aller by Dalton Maag Ltd

19. Sintony by Eduardo Tunni

20. Telegrafico by Salvo Nicolosi

21. Ambrosia font by Jelloween

22. Market Deco by Steve Ferrera

23. Bellota by Pixilate

24. Gnuolane by Typodermic Fonts

25. RBNo2 by Rene Bieder

26. Langdon by XLN Telecom

27. Laika FREE by Rodrigo Araya Salas

28. Bariol by atipo

29. Caviar Dreams by Lauren Thompson

30. OSP DIN by OSP-foundry

31. Flex Display – free fonts by Alvaro Thomáz

32. ALEO | Free Font Family by Alessio Laiso

33. Corbert Regular by Jonathan Hill

34. Jalane Light by Benoît Sjöholm

35. Apogee Rounded Sans Beta by Mef

36. Pinstripe Limo by Nymphont

37. Balham – Free Elegant Font by Dannci

38. Code Free font by FontFabric

39. Myra by Sergiy Tkachenko

40. KanKin by Alexey Frolov


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