40 Impeccable Shots of Cute Nendoroid Figures [PICS]

Beware, the insanely cute Nendoroids are here! In short, Nendoroid is a brand of mini plastic figures created by the Good Smile Company in Japan, and they are commonly designed based on famous Japanese animes, games, and Vocaloid series. They might sound unfamiliar at first, but trust me, you will love them as soon as you lay your eyes on them!

nendoroid figure
(Image Source: jbrowneuk)

Let the photographs prove their ‘aweshumness’! In this particular post we want to showcase to you a total of 40 quality photos depicting the daily life of Nendoroids. Besides the cuteness, you will witness the amazing details in these figurines, which make their poses and expression look really realistic, giving you the illusion that they are almost (dare I say it?) alive!

So take five and let these charming Nendoroid figures clear your thoughts and calm your soul with their impressive quality. But beware, they might cause you diabetes with their immense cuteness!

Aim and Fire. I wonder how much damage can that mini cannon causes? It could blast me away with its cuteness though! (Image Source: jen-den1)

aim and fire

Black Christmas. Hmm, this Christmas party is pretty… dark. So emo… (Image Source: chwan79)

black christmas

Cheer Up! You don’t need to seek much for happiness, just bring a Nendoroid home, and you will be cheered up by just looking at its face. (Image Source: thechevaliere)

cheer up

Stalking. Miku stalks her prey, with dark glasses and some fire power. (Image Source: thechevaliere)


Classy Life. I wonder how the photographer got that mini mirror, and full respect to OvermanXAN for the extremely detailed background scene! (Image Source: OvermanXAN)

classy life

Songstress of the Orient. The next feature of the Nendoroid? Definitely sound integration. (Image Source: Etherien)

songstress of the orient

Playing Chopin. Ah, through the window of the school music room, that’s how I wish to lay eyes on my first crush. Too bad my school’s music room is on the second floor! (Image Source: nendonesia)

playing chopin

Do You Want One? I think… I’m in love. (Image Source: ayinai)

do you want one

Forever. If cupids really exist in this world, I believe they will look like this. (Image Source: ArianeCreations)


Friends Talk. Meeting good friends is one of the happier moments in life, and these faces say it all! (Image Source: jen-den1)

friends talk

Let’s Have Fun! “The opening sequence in Project Mirai – the bit where they all link hands – inspired this photo. You know, this bit.” (Image Source: jbrowneuk)

let's have fun

Gamers. Uh, is it my illusion that these Nendoroids look bigger than usual? Yep, they are perfectly photoshopped into the scene. (Image Source: vihena)


Having a Break. It’s not good behavior to snap a photo of someone taking a break, but just look at it! It’s so cute; also the color and contrast manipulation fit perfectly in this scene, good job xXTornadoXx! (Image Source: xXTornadoXx)

having a break

Sleepy Time By The River. Everything falls into silence when a beautiful Nendoroid is taking a nap. (Image Source: kookykonata)

sleepy time by the river

Learning. This Nendoroid is learning to write its name, check out how she holds the pencil. (Image Source: KuroDot)


Love in December. Black Rock Strength has big mechanical arms, but they didn’t stop her from being charming! (Image Source: shinelikestars)

love in december

Spiral. Artistic shot for Nendoroid? Here you go. (Image Source: Uyre)


Musketeer Girl. Seriously, why do cute Nendoroids get all the cool shots? (Image Source: zh3us)

musketeer girl

Sword. Nikicorny knows how to turn a cute Nendoroid into a fiery one! The cooler thing here is that you could even learn how to do the the light painting by following the source link! (Image Source: nikicorny)


Tiger! Now you don’t really want to mess with it, or it will unleash immense cuteness upon you! (Image Source: KuroDot)


No Reason to Fight. Uh, what were we fighting about just now? One of the effects of fighting is aCute memory loss 😉 (Image Source: shinelikestars)

no reason to fight

OH SHIII. Okay, not exactly the photo that will cure your soul, but the expression O_o” is pretty classic, right? (Image Source: Lorrainefish)

oh shiii

Miserable Miku. Miku is in a bad mood as it’s raining! Luckily she has an umbrella, that works, somewhat. Catch the detail of the droplets on the wood she is leaning on. This photo is so awesome that it could even become a wallpaper for your desktop! (Image Source: jen-den1)

miserable miku

Out to Dry. Found this Nendoroid in the pocket yesterday, and now she’s being hun out to dry. (Image Source: jbrowneuk)

out to dry

Planning Something Wicked. I’m not sure what they are planning, but there is certainly something evil going on! And cute. (Image Source: pus2meong)

planning something wicked

Skateboarding. Wings don’t help when you skateboard. Sigh. It’s a creative shot though, Nendonesia! (Image Source: nendonesia)


Sena’s New Hauls. A Nendoroid Sena is pleased with its Nendoroid collection. Nendoroid-ception! (Image Source: shinelikestars)

sena's new hauls

Tea Time. Cool Kirino, she’s got the iPad Mini Mini! (Image Source: shinelikestars)

tea time

Shopping. Brilliant idea of using the photo as the background to make the Nendoroid look even more realistic! (Image Source: OvermanXAN)


Idatakimasu. This one is epicly cute, since it’s the official mascot of the Good Smile Company. Also that miniature ramen makes me drool. (Image Source: nikicorny)


Snack Time. Seriously a creative one from shinelikestars! Besides, these photos always make me wonder where the photographers get all these wonderful miniatures, as they really contribute to the creativity of Nendoroid photography! (Image Source: shinelikestars)

snack time

Yum Yum. The question is, how much effort did the photographer take to construct such perfect scene? It’s amazing! (Image Source: shinelikestars)

yum yum

Welcome. The only thing that sucks here is these are all toys and not reality! Well done, qrullgx13! (Image Source: qrullgx13)


Priorities. Butler, where’s the butler! Here’s… a mini one for you, my master. (Image Source: Xedosarthea)


Reach Out. Easily one of the best masterpieces of the Nendoroid photography, it even looks like 3D-rendered graphic rather than an actual photo. (Image Source: OwaranaiNATSU)

reach out

Sakura Chan. For your information, that mini pink Nendoroid is only about 4-5 cm tall. (Image Source: nendonesia)

sakura chan

The Ride To Biscotti. A wild bird and a Nendoroid appear! What will you do? Take a shot! (Image Source: kookykonata)

the ride to biscotti

Whose Puppy Is It. Can I adopt it then? Oh, I mean the Nendoroid, not the dog. (Image Source: nendonesia)

whose puppy is it

Cat Crave. It’s hard to say this as a guy but yeah, he’s cute. (Image Source: Valandill)

cat crave

Yahoo! Eiji Nizuma looks really energetic even in Nendoroid form, but I wonder about the trick that makes him “float” in the air! (Image Source: Uruviel)



While Nendoroids themselves are already impressive, what surprises me more is the dedication of the photographer. I have photographed Nendoroids too and I know how much extra effort it takes to photograph these mini figures. Yet these photographers even construct the entire scene using miniatures. Talk about professionalism! You guys are as professional as the Nendoroid creators.

That said, there are possibly more Nendoroid photos lying somewhere in the Internet world. If you happen to spot an awesome one, or would like to showcase yours, share it with us in the comments section.

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