40 Infographics & Cheat Sheets For Social Media Marketers

Today, social media is more than a platform for friends to meet. Businesses all over the world are taking advantage of social media platforms to market their goods, services, websites, tools or wares. Thousands of people use social media and spend many hours a day on different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on. Social media is a powerful platform to market your goods and services whether you are running a big business or have just started up a small business. Social media is a sure way to success.

In this round up, we are presenting for you some useful cheatsheets and infographics for social media marketers especially. These infographics and cheatsheets will help you learn more about trends in social media and how you can give your brand an increased exposure and let your message spread all over the world. Enjoy!

The Most Thorough Social Media Dimensions Cheat Sheet Ever

Pinterest: How eTailers Can (and Should) Use it to Their Advantage

Twitterverse Infographic

The Ultimate Social Media Size Cheat Sheet

2013 Social Media Cheat Sheet

Social Media Networking Site Cheat Sheet

A Complete Cheat Sheet for All Social Media

Social Media Sizing Guide for Designers and Marketers

The 4 Cs of Social Media

Leveraging Social Media to Showcase Your Expertise

Email Marketing Knocks Out Social Media in 5 Rounds

Social media is going corporate

Choosing The Most Effective Social Media Platforms

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Your Cheat Sheet for the New Facebook Page Timeline Design

Complete Social Media Design Cheat Sheet

Google Plus Design Cheat Sheet 2013

Google+ for Business

The Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet

Social Media vs Traditional Media

What Today’s Social Landscape Can Offer Small Businesses Tomorrow

The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

The Psychology of Social Commerce

Social Media For Business In Two Camps: Too Much and Not Enough

Copywriting Cheat Sheet: How to Write for Email, Social and the Web

How to Show Your Clients the Value of Facebook in 7 Easy Steps

Why and How Consumers Like and Subscribe

Your Cheat Sheet for the New Facebook Page Timeline Design

The Top Benefits Achieved in Social Media in 2013

How Much Time, Money Do Small Businesses Spend on Social Media?

Manage Social Media the Easy Way in 2013

Why Your Business Must Go Social?

The Conversation Prism

Social Compass

Facebook Shortcuts

How To Get More Likes On Facebook

10 Strategic Mistakes On Twitter

Social Spam: What It is and How to Avoid It

Social Media Brandsphere

Pinterest Images Cheat Sheet Infographic

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