5 Multi-Feature Widget Packs For Your Android Device

For Android users, widgets redefine how we can customize our smartphones. It’s not enough that we get really powerful phones, sometimes the stock programs and interface may be found lacking. There are plenty of widgets online that could help us ‘build’ our own version of the perfect phone.

A widget is a useful addition to the Android platform with plenty of features, settings and tools made available right on the lockscreen or homescreen. However, as you the following examples will show, there are more things that the humble widget can do. Here are just 5 multi-feature widget packs and a few other useful widgets you might want to try out for your Android device.

Widget Packs


This is a well-known Android widget that are on many Android devices as its customization is one of the best in the field. UCCW enables you to create your own custom widget through its own set of customization features available within the app. You can also find all over the Web ready-made custom widgets developed with this app in UZIP format.

If you want a widget and a platform that can get you the functionality and experience that you deserve, try to get your hands on UCCW. You won’t be disappointed. [Free]


2. HD Widgets

A famous all-in-one app, with a huge list of widget sizes to choose from, you can get weather information in detail with bright and beautiful icons weather icons to go along with HD Widgets. Beside that, it also has shortcut widgets for easy access to Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode, Screen Rotation, Brightness and Bluetooth.

This is the you should get if you are looking for a nice large widget for your tablet of choice. [$1.99]

HD Widgets

3. Atom All In One Widget

In addition to their own launcher, Atom released a widget app that prioritises minimalism. With their stylish and visually beautiful widgets, I believe it won’t be hard for you to start using one on your Android homescreen. They cover many aspects, from Clock and Calendar to Memo and Contacts in addition to other Android Settings.

Get the perfect minimalism experience on your Android with this, plus our recent compilation of 20 minimalistic clocks to go along with your new homescreen. [Free]

Atom All In One Widgets

4. Wizz Widget

Here is a nice set of Android widgets you can use for both your smartphones and tablets. Wizz Widgets comes with a useful list of widgets for messages, social media, Calendar, Contacts and Agenda. There is also a timeline widget where you can get your Facebook and Twitter feeds under a single widget.

Need a good list of useful widgets? Wizz will provide you with a collection of them. Try them out! [Free]

Wizz Widget

5. Zooper Widget

Zooper brings many features that you need in your homescreen with simplicity and a straightforward design. There are all kinds of widget sizes in this one too, so you won’t find a hard time to try it in any of your Android devices. Common features that this has include Battery level, Wi-Fi signal Level, World clock, Calendar and whole lot more on the list.

Zooper Widget also comes with a template and font options, so you can build your own template to fit your style. [Free]

Zooper Widget

Bonus: More Widgets!

Want more? Here are more widgets that you might to try out. They serve more streamlined uses compared to the widget packs above but we’re sure you will love them all the same.

Shady Camera Widget. Take a camera shot through a widget right from your homescreen without the need to start up your camera app. [$0.99]

Shady Camera Widget

Power Toggles. Nice clean, single widget to toggle up to 8 of your Android settings. [Free]

Power Toggles

SwitchPro Widget. Useful widget to switch on/off your Android settings right from your homescreen. [$1.16]

SwitchPro Widget

Slider Widget. Colorful circle widgets which lets you control the sound level of your system, alarm, voice call, volume, ringtone and brightness via its slider feature. [Free]

Slider Widget

Playbar UCCW. A widget skin made for UCCW, this is styled in the Play Store design. [Free]

Playbar UCCW

Colourform. Another huge list of widgets, extension themes to HD Widgets. [$0.99]


Resizable Contact Widget Pro. Your contacts with their profile pictures, names and phone number sshow up as a widget. [$1.29]

Resizable Contact Widget Pro

Beautiful Widgets. For fans of colorful box cards, this one will surely find a spot in your homescreen . [Free]

Beautiful Widgets

Tabr Widget. Tabbed widgets? Well, it does make including more than one function in a single widget way cleaner. [Free]

Tabr Widget

Evernote Widget. Get connected with all your notes in Evernote, with its very own Android widget. [Free]

Evernote Widgets

Poweramp Widget Standard Pack. While the widget stays free, this standard pack is for the famous Poweramp Music Player where you can test them is free for a 15-day trial. It only costs $3.99 to unlock it. [Free]

Poweramp Widget Standard Pack

Utopian UCCW. Another addition to the wonderful UCCW widget, a minimalistic and clean Android shortcut widget. [Free]

Utopian UCCW

Locky Lockscreen Widgets. Notifications widget for SMS, Missed Calls, Email, Instant Messaging Apps, Social Networks and Calendars. [Free]

Locky Lockscreen Widgets

Missed It. A widget specifically for your missed notifications like your missed call logs, unread text messages or even your unread email notification. [$1.64]

Missed It

Falcon Widgets. A great addition to a popular app Falcon for Twitter [$2.61] to read your timeline and access contents in your twitter feeds easily and quickly, all within this widget. [Free]

Falcon Widgets


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