50 Awesome iOS Icon Designs for Your Inspiration – Part II

iOS icons have come a long way since the birth of the very first iPhone – nowadays, these icons are shared between the iPhone and iPad. Due to higher-resolution displays, designers can now add unbelievable detail to app icons, making them truly remarkable specimens of what app designers are capable of today.

Whether you’re an iOS designer or just someone looking for some inspiring design ideas, you have come to the right post. This collection of 50 creative IOS icon designs will light up a lightbulb or two and perhaps make you rethink what you can do with your own app design.

Minion App Icon by CreativeDash

iOS Icon by Eugene Zolotco

Food Icons by Ashly Teoh

Waffle Icon by Eddie Lobanovskiy

Popcorn Machine Icon by Nikita Ponomarev and Alex Bender

App and Game by Zigor Samaniego

Retro Plane Artificial Horizon 3D Icon by Ali Rahmoun

Brand New Day by Dmitry Prudnikov

Icon Design by Appster

Camera Icon by Samuel Jimenez

Popsicle by Nick Kumbari

SABA Reader Icon by Nick Kumbari

iOS Icon by Laura Dillema

Matchbox iOS Flat App Icon by Aditya Chhatrala

1976 Tape Recorder by William Dalebout

Race Icon by АнДрій Вишковський

Fried Egg by CreativeDash

Pancakes by CreativeDash

Spades Game by Reznik Umar

сгущëнка by Konstantin Datz

Vintage iOS Icon by Anton Kirienko

Tic Tac Toe by Zigor

Coke Machine by Nikita Ponomarev

Flights App by Nikita Ponomarev

Re-Order by Drew McChesney

Sleep Icon – Czech Point System by Petr | Direct-services

Tunnelbanan by Ali

Wedding … Coming Soon by Mohamed Said

The Knight in the Panther’s Skin by Lasha Simonishvili

3D Room by Ali Rahmoun

3D Sports Icon Design – Baseball by CreativeDash

Primal by CreativeDash

London Underground by Alex Bender

Chopping Board by Chio Diez / Chimpsy

Beard & Mustache Icon by Adhi Purwo Manunggal

Assassin’s Creed Icon by Andrii Sydorov

Movie Camera iOS Icon by Alex Bender

Kazan Red Bus iOS Icon by Andrew Bouz

Surf by Tomas Marek

Stampie App by Tomas Marek

iOS App Icon by Nayna Ahmed

Roland by Alex Bender

iOS 7 App Icon by Dennis Phang

Clock by Maksims Kirhensteins

Monkey Gab News by Thiago Pacheco

Grill by Alex Bender

Wallet for Banking by Tomas Marek

My Workspace by John Beloussov

Icon for “WorldTime” App by Doug Aghassi

Blueprint at AppIconsDesign.com by Peter Mileno


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