50+ High Quality & Free Symbol Fonts For Web Designers

Impressive-looking symbol fonts have been appearing all over the web in recent times, with the number of fonts designed for use as icons, symbols, and glyphs increasing by the day. In fact, many websites have already replaced their images with a single symbol font – GitHub is one example.

By using symbol fonts, you’re essentially replacing raster images on your site with smooth vector images. So, that means you can freely resize your symbol fonts in accordance with any screen resolution without having to worry about quality loss. With that in mind, we would like to share with you the following list of more than 50 high quality and free symbol fonts.

Please click on the links provided to download any of them.

Symbol Signs by Sander Baumann

Symbols 1 by Rebecca

Rally Symbols by 2D Typo

Symbol Font – Notice by Serikov Denis

Symbol Font – Notice 2 by Serikov Denis

Symbol Font – Notice 3 by Serikov Denis

Glyphyx One by Nick’s Fonts

KR Valentine Dings 2002 Font by Kats Fun Fonts

Foundation Icon Fonts 2

Ikoo by dasmuse

Social Media Icons by Jelio Dimitrov a.k.a. Arsek

Sosa Icon Font by Ed Merritt

Signify Lite: Free Icon Font by Tony Thomas

Handy Icons – Free Web Font by Nathan Brown

Handy Icons Vol2 – Free Web Font Kit by Nathan Brown

An App Icon Font by Heydon Pickering

Martin Vogel’s Symbols by Martin Vogel

A Free Icon Web Font by by Heydon Pickering

Entypo by Daniel Bruce

Web Symbols by Just Be Nice Studio

Modern Pictograms by John Caserta

Heydings Common Icons by Heydon Pickering

Heydings Controls by Heydon Pickering

JustVector Social Icons Font by Alex Peattie

Kalocsai Flowers by Levi Halmos

Efon by Nan Sakurai


Glyphyx Two by Nick’s Fonts

WM Symbols by WillyMac

Healthcare Symbols by Jim Chiello

Icono BMX by Rasdesign

Social Networking Symbols 2 by Rebecca

Breezi Icon Set by Breezi

MarshMallow World by Dani Foster Herring

Depressive Icon Font by Rasdesign

Peax Drawn Icons by Peax Webdesign

Peax Webdesign Free Icons by Peax Webdesign

Social Media Icons Bold by Socialh

Space Game Icons by Daniel Morlock

Look sir, droids! by Iconian Fonts

DNR Recreation Symbols by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Seeing Stars by Blue Vinyl

Guifx v2 Transports by Guifx

Raphaël Icon Set Dmitry Baranovskiy



PulsarJS @FontFace 73 Free Icon Font


Iconic by Waybury

Font Awesome

Sosa Icon Font by Ed Merritt

Modern Pictograms by John Caserta



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