80 Inspirational Design Portfolios to Bump Up Your Creativity

The age of information remains fiercely competitive. You have to raise the bar over and over again to keep visitors interested to come back your website. In these efforts, a few designers stood out of the crowd. Some are impressive, others unusual, and a handful have a splot of humor in the designs, these 80 incredible design portfolios gathered from all over the Web showcase the unspoken talents and technical skills of these amazing designers.

creative portfolios

The portfolio not only displays the remarkable talents up for hire, it is also there to impress non-believers and engage visitors. A lot of time and effort is poured into the first sketches, to turn these designs into fruition. With every final result you see here, remember that they did not come about overnight. We hope this collection will inspire you to push forward and bring your own designs to life.

Let’s be inspired.

Portfolio of Dutch Designer Evout

Brian Rhinehart’s Portfolio Kineticshadows

Graphic Designer & Illustrator David Arazim’s Portfolio

Ukrainian Creative Studio Piezo Design

Russian Web Studio Iji Digital

Blackpool Web Studio Friendly Duck

Digital Agency Pixelslave

Joey Lomanto’s Portfolio

Robin Morris’ Portfolio Digitalmash

Richard Evans’ Portfolio Edpeixoto

Portuguese Web Studio Cafundo

Art & Design Studio Racket

Australian Web Studio IceLab

Russian Creative Studio Creative People

Nemanja Ivanovic’s Portfolio

Thibaud’s Portfolio

Web Development Studio XHTML Kitchen

Fred Maya’s Portfolio

Meagan Fisher’s Website

Russian Web Studio ONY

Russian Creative Agency NILE

Italian PR Studio Moovents

French Web Studio Adncom

Web Design Agency Just Be Nice

Elliot Lepers’ Portfolio

Czech Designer Tomas Pojeta’s Portfolio

Advertising Agency Instinct

Collaborative of Freelancers Cassius

Web Designer Simon Reynolds’ Site Sr28

Ukrainian Web Agency 73dpi

Marco Rotoli’s Portfolio

Justin Bird’s Portfolio

Liechtenecker Austrian Web Agency

Paul Noble’s Portfolio

SiteSoft Design Studio

Rob Palmer’s Portfolio

Great Britain Design Agency Toasted Digital

Creative Agency SmallStudio

Designer & Developer Nick Coates’ Portfolio

Brazilian Creative Agency Cappen

Design & Web Studio Breakfast

Canadian Studio N.Design Studio

UK Based Marketing Agency Visual Republic

Florian Bernard’s Portfolio 13flo

Creative Digital Agency Pixillion

Design Studio 2Advenced

Third Culture Studios

Ukrainian Web Design Studio Kavoon

French Design Agency Blanc Fonce

Aleksandar Bozic’s Portfolio

Creative Agency EPIC

Amsterdam Interactive Studio Cartelle

Luc’s Blog Octwelve

Chris Thurman’s Portfolio

Dave Werner’s Portfolio

Swedish Studio Pretty Production

Darjan Panic’s Portfolio

Creative Agency Hello Monday

Gisele Jaquenod’s Portfolio

Australian Web Studio Caramel Ink

Great Britain Design Studio

Matthew Smith’s Website

Web Studio Pointless Corp.

German-Swiss Design Studio

Creative Design Studio of Tracy Stone Spout Creative

Juan Diego Velasco’s Portfolio

Designer Nick Jones’ Website

Emiliano Rodriguez’s Portfolio

Andrew Tebbott’s Portfolio

Japanese Art Director’s Website Unouplus

Kathryn Cornelius’s Portfolio

Online Designer Yodabaz

Jesse Willmon’s Portfolio

Russian Brand Studio

Francesco Bertelli’s Portfolio

Artem Gorbunov’s Design Bureau

Ukrainian Studio 908vc Ink

Russian Agency ATELIER

Knock Knock Design Bureau

Workplace & Playground

As you see every site is a good workplace for experiments and a favorite playground for its owner. Don’t be afraid to show off true freedom of imagination and put your personality into your future website. Lots of websites won awards as a symbol that the efforts invested in were well spent. What site do you like the most and why? Do you have any ideas on how to create your own web portfolio? Feel free to share you thoughts in the comment section.


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