Auto-Update Contact Info From Email Signatures With WriteThat.Name

Emailing is another medium of communication which is being widely used. For people who are working in social networking or the Web, you might get a lot of emails from different organizations. Springcleaning the address book is a mindless but important task we have to take to keep our contacts accessible.

Usually in emails, there will be a signature block which contain details such as sender’s name, phone number, social website URLs and more. Changes to these info are usually unannounced, but if you don’t notice them, then you might lose out.

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WriteThat.Name is a tool to help prevent that. It helps users to automatically update their address book by scanning signature block in emails. The app only works with Gmail accounts, Google App emails and Outlook.

Update Contacts Details Automatically

To start updating contact details automatically, browse over to WriteThat.Name and connect your Gmail account to it. When an email reaches a Gmail or MS Outlook Inbox, WriteThat.Name will scan the email for the sender’s signature block.

A sender’s signature block or email signature is usually filled with details such as their name, phone number, email address and the company they are working for. WriteThat.Name will sync all of that info with your address book, keeping your contacts list updated.

signature block example

If the signature block that WriteThat.Name scanned is new, it will add it as a new contact. Contacts that are recognized, will be updated accordingly.

Users can set to let WriteThat.Name automatically update the contacts or to update them only after receiving confirmation by the user.

writethat name update mode

WriteThat.Name allow users to add multiple email accounts but note that changes will only be made to the master address book. If you have two separate email accounts with two sets of contacts you want to keep separate, connect them to WriteThat.Name independently.

An added feature is the email confirmation feature. Users can send the contacts an email to get confirmation if the latest contact details detected by WriteThat.Name are accurate or if it is their most current details.

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For new users who want WriteThat.Name to scan emails from previous years, they can do so with Flashback. However, Flashback is a paid service which cost $35.00 per past year of email scans, and $100.00 for the past 5 years’ worth of email scans.

writethat name flashback feature

To distinguish new contacts in your address book after a scan, there will be a ‘via’ label on the contacts. There will be a full report available after WriteThat.Name does a complete scan.


New users will get to try the ‘Premium’ plan for a month. After a month, users will need to choose if they want to continue using other paid plan or a free plan.

There are three plans:

  • Max Power – Create unlimited new contacts/month, unlimited multi-account update. [$59/year]
  • Premium – Create max: 300 contacts/month, up to 3 multi-account update. [$35/year]
  • Free – Create maximum of 10 contacts/month, no multi-account update. [Free]

writethat name pricing

WriteThat.Name for MS Outlook which is only free for 30 days requires an annual subscription of $48 to continue. If user decides not to subscribe, WriteThat.Name will stop updating contacts on their MS Outlook address book.


WriteThat.Name is a helpful tool to keep address books automatically and constantly up-to-date especially for power users. It can keep track of the same contact if he or she has changed numbers, work place or social accounts. This helps users to stay in the loop and keep up with their network circles efficiently.