BrowseEmAll – Cross Browser Compatibility Made Easy

Many newbie bloggers and website owners make the mistake of thinking that once they have created a website and checked it on their computer, they are done with the inspections. I mean they think that their website will display just in the same way on other machines as it does on their home machine. But they are wrong.

The same website appears different when viewed on different screens. The reasons are many. The appearance depends on the resolution of the screen, it depends on the personal preferences of the machine chosen by the user, it depends on whether the user is using any plug-ins or add-ons in his browser, and above all it depends on which browser the user is using.

And other browsers may cause some problems in the displaying of your website if you haven’t taken good care of it. Therefore you should ensure that your site is working fine in all browsers before publishing it.

But of course you can’t download and install all the browsers one by one and check your site in them. That will take a lot of time and a lot of energy. So what should you do?


BrowseEmAll is a cross browser compatibility software that allows you browser compatibility testing across different browsers.

Some of the important features of the software are discussed below.

Many browsers in one place


BrowseEmAll contains all the major browsers in it. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari – and many versions of them, they all are built in.  Also, all major mobile phones and tablets’ operating systems, like Android and iOS, are also included in BrowseEmAll.

New browser releases and updates on old browsers are also kept track of.

The image above shows some of the browsers and operating systems that are included in the software.

As you can see, you just have to scroll down the drop box and choose the browser and your website will open up in that browser.

Mobile simulation


As I said above BrowseEmAll allows you to check your website on different mobile operating systems. But I must add that it will also show you how your site will look on the complete mobile device itself. It will simulate the complete look. See the image above to understand what I mean.

It will behave as a fully functional iPhone, iPad and Android device. You will get the option to switch between the landscape mode and the portrait mode. You can also scroll, zoom and interact like on the real device.

Works for local files


BrowseEmAll works equally well for websites and raw HTML files which are hosted on your local machine. You don’t need to upload the files on a webhost in order to make them work with BrowseEmAll.

This helps you test websites which are protected by the cooperative firewall. Also, this method allows you to not to share credentials for any security sensitive websites.

They offer a free 14 day trial period so go and check them out.

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