Capture, Create and Share 3D Photos With Seene [iOS]

Do you Instagram your food and Vine your cat’s antics? The hype of smartphone cameras paired with social media has not died down. A new thing you might see in the scene would be 3D videos. You might be thinking how it’s possible to capture life in 3D with a basic iOS camera – with Seene you can.


Seene is a new app with the ability to capture and create 3D photos. Tilting your iOS device gives you the parallax effect similar to how the iOS 7 homescreen wallpaper works. Let’s see how you can create 3D photos and share it with your friends on Seene.

3D Photos On Your iOS Device

First, download and install Seene on to your iOS device. Once installed and opened, the app will take you to the main feed. From there you’ll instantly see how cool Seene really is as you tilt your device to view different angles of a still image.

Seene Feed

To take your own 3D image, tap on the bottom right camera button. Now point the camera at something you want to capture in 3D. You’ll see that there are many dots, the more dots, the better the effect. If there are too little, Seene won’t allow you to capture the picture.

Once it can recognize the object, tap on the circle.

Seene Dots

A 4-directional object will appear on screen. You’ll have to make all 4 triangles turn green by tilting the device up, down, left, and right around the object. Do this slowly and as smoothly as possible without jerking, otherwise you’ll have to start over.

Seene Tilt

Once all 4 triangles have turned to green, it’ll automatically process the image and then you can choose to share it on your Seene profile, Facebook or Twitter using the Share link provided.

App Limitations & Conclusion

Seene is a very cool app for fun with smartphone photography. However, there are a few small limitations. For starters, Seene only allows you to capture images using an iOS device that has a dual-core processor.

This means if you have anything under an iPhone 4S, iPad or 5th-gen iPod Touch, the most you can do with this is watch the captured image. You probably can see the effect below as well; mouse over it to see the image swirl around.

Capturing the 3D image takes some getting used to; the trick is to move really slowly and tilting the device at the right angles and directions. But overall, Seene is still a very cool app to try out.