Create Customizable Animated Clips Online With Wideo

People who are camera shy but want to create viral videos turn to creating animated clips. However, if you’re camera shy plus have no idea how to draw or where to begin about animation, don’t fret. Wideo allows you to create an animated clip without any knowledge of drawing or video editing.


Wideo has a simple editor with easy to understand controls and many pre-loaded objects, shapes, backgrounds and sounds for you to create an animated clip with. It’s so simple to use that you’ll be able to start animating and creating your own video after checking out all its cool features, so read on!

Getting Started With Wideo

Before creating your first animated clip on Wideo, you must register for a user account to save your projects. The controls on the video editor are very simple to navigate:

  1. Horizontal Controls – Undo, Redo and Save; Vertical buttons – Insert background, objects, shapes, texts or sounds.
  2. Animation / Editing area – Where the magic happens.
  3. Timeline and Scenes – Control the speed of your animated objects and add multiple scenes.

Wideo Controls

Creating A Simple Animation

First, choose an object to animate. There are a lot of pre-loaded objects you can choose from or you can always upload one of your own.

Wideo Objects

For illustration purposes, we are going to create an animation of an object entering the scene. First, you’ll have to put the object outside the scene, then click on the animate button.


Choose the starting position of your object. Place it anywhere in the screen and when you’ve found the perfect location, click OK.


Now drag the object somewhere else and you’ll see the path the object will take. Once you’ve determined where you want your object to stop, click on OK again.

You have now created a simple animation where the object ‘flies’ in from the left to the center of the screen.


Now that you’ve learnt how to move an object from point A to point B, you can move that same object from point B to C, D, E, and so on. Using the same method, you can continue dragging the object and clicking on OK to register each point.

Understanding The Timeline

Creating that simple animation above adds a few things to the timeline. You’ll notice the markers (white circles with orange outlines) at the start and end of the timeline.


You can move the markers to different points on the timeline to determine when the object enters and when it completes its movement.


A marker will be added to the timeline every time a point (C, D, E) is added. You can move and evenly spread out these markers to ensure a smooth movement of the object throughout the scene.


You can also reduce or increase the scene duration depending on your project.

Grouping and Scenes

There are other cool features including grouping multiple objects together so that they can be animated as one object. You do this by dragging your mouse over multiple objects, then clicking on group.


If you are aiming to create longer animations, you can break down your storylines by creating one scene after the other. Animate on a new scene by clicking Scenes then the ‘+’ button. This ensures your previously animated scenes are not affected by subsequent scenes, making your stories more manageable.



However, there are no layering options. All objects will intersect with each other with no difference in perspective or position when placed in close proximity.

All videos will also have a 5-second branding ad at the end of the video. If you don’t want this you need to pay a fee of $9 to have it removed, or $29 to have it removed from a video you want to download. If you feel like you will be using this a lot more often, there is a flat annual fee of $149 for ad removal, and $249 for ad removal from a downloaded video.



Wideo is pretty cool and has a lot of functionality and flexibility when it comes to basic animation, plus you can upload your own sounds or images to use as an object too. Overall, Wideo is easy to understand and master after playing with it for a few hours. You’ll soon start creating beautiful animated clip masterpieces like this "5 Reasons to Date a Geek" clip.