Create GIFs Directly On Chrome with MakeGIF

What do you use to create a GIF (which is pronounced Jif, if you haven’t heard)? Most of us will use Adobe Photoshop or GIF-making tools that require you to download the video first. While desktop tools give users more options when creating GIF we have found a much easier way to create a GIF.

intro image

MakeGIF is a Chrome browser extension that lets you create a GIF straight from a Chrome browser. You don’t have to download a video first or leave your browser.

Creating A GIF

To start, first you need to add MakeGIF to your Chrome browser after which you will find the icon for it on the right side of the URL bar.

makegif icon

Head over to your video site and click in to the video you want to make a GIF of. Choose the time in the video and pause the video there. Click on the MakeGIF icon.

Set the GIF quality, GIF size, capture FPS and max frames you want and click Start.

makegif gif settings

MakeGIF will start to capture the frames. Click on Done when you think the GIF should end. Before generating the GIF you can Add Text or Reverse the GIF under ‘Frame Options’. Click Generate GIF.

generate gif

After generating the GIF you can share or save the GIF. For GIF sharing, the max GIF size share-able is 4 MB. If the GIF size is bigger than 4 MB the only option you have is to save the GIF into your hard disk.

save or share gif

Here is the example of a GIF that we created using MakeGIF.

gif example


MakeGIF is definitely makes creating a GIF a breeze. But, there are some limitations:

  • MakeGIF only works on HTML 5. YouTube HTML5 video player is still in testing phase but you can opt to join for the trial here.
  • You can’t control the GIF speed as in you cannot speed it up or slow it down.
  • There is no way to set when the text should appear. The text will be shown from the start to the end of the GIF.
  • Think through what text you want to add, because you can’t undo it thereafter.