Eco-Friendly Package Designs: 20 Ways To Go Green

Everything you buy from a store would leave some form of waste, particularly the packaging, which we’d throw away the moment its contents are released. Since it is now more important than ever to be conscious about our environment, many brands and designers have produced eco-friendly package designs that are reusable or recyclable to help reduce our carbon footprint in nature.

From paper bags, boxes and tubes to glass jars, these designs are not only unique and creative, but also eye-catching and versatile. Available in a healthy mix of nature’s colors, these 20 eco-friendly package designs are a great source of ideas for packaging designs, that you don’t want to miss out.

1. MUG pub by Ivan Maximov

2. SUE BEE HONEY by Ashley Gustafson

3. Branding & Packaging Design by Ady Chng

4. Plant’it Earth Identity & Packaging by Ethan Bennett

5. Rishi Tea – Loose Leaf Tea Packaging by Allie Kilmer

6. Eco-Lite Light Bulbs by Herschel Delicana

7. Package for two eggs by Buba

8. Soma Organics – SuperBite Packaging design by Dora Schall

9. Morning Ritual: Organic Strained Yogurt by Jeremy Mellon

10. Éco-traito by Jessica Ma

11. INVENT by Melissa Rosenbloom

12. Peanut & Co – Ecopackaging by Mónica López and Gloria Kelly

13. Packaging by Jacqueline Minkler

14. Yourstruly // Packaging Design by Nicole Nell

15. + ORGANIC MEADOW by Yana Stepchenko

16. Trader Joe’s Rice by Elizabeth Vornbrock

17. EcoBag. Depot WPF by Vera Zvereva, Maria Mordvintseva, and Julia Zhdanova

18. Sustainable Bagless Take-Out Packaging by JoAnn Arello

19. Happy Eggs by Maja Szczypek

20. LIGHT BULB PACKAGE REDESIGN by Mongkol Praneenit