Five of the Best Premium WordPress Photography Themes for 2012

Every now and then I get asked questions about running a blog in general, and often that leads to a discussion of the most basic things a person needs to get started. One of the most basic and most important, of course, is the layout! I’m sure most of you are aware of dominant blogging platform out there, WordPress. That is what I use on my blog along with untold millions of others. It’s easy to install, easy to use, and there are an infinite number of themes out there to get the look you want your site to have.

You could hire someone to create a custom WordPress theme for you (or code it yourself, if you have the necessary skillset), but that is quite expensive. You could also use one of the many free themes out there on the web, and many of those are fantastic. Howevever, for a very affordable price (usually $30 to $55), you can get a professionally coded theme to use that will really make your blog stand out. There are quite a few marketplaces out there for WordPress themes, today I’m going to show you themes I picked from my favorite, Awesome new themes are added here everyday, and the community around them is very active. These theme authors strive to create a great product and keep their themes up to date with new features and compatible with new WordPress releases. Most of the them will include the source .PSD files with your purchase, allowing you to easily make changes to the art to further customize your look.

Today I’ll focus on some themes for you photographers out there to showcase your great photos!

Expression Photography Responsive WordPress Theme
This one has a nice, almost Pinterest like feel to the home page of your blog and a nice full screen photo viewer. Very cool!

Expression WordPress Theme

JPhotolio: Responsive Wedding Photography WP Theme
This is a theme aimed toward wedding photographers. It features a full page gallery right from the get go on the home page, which also supports video!

Jphotolio WordPress Theme

Caleta Responsive Portfolio & Photography
This theme has a full screen intro, and then overlays a more traditional blog format over top of it. The cool feature is that the full screen background images continue to rotate while the reader is browsing the site, complete with a customizable overlay effect.

Caleta WordPress Theme

Elastico: Responsive Fullscreen Portfolio WP Theme
This theme also features a grid like layout on the home page, but includes a left hand navigation sidebar. It also features filters in the sidebar so that readers can dynamically filter out categories that don’t interest them, which disappear and reorganize in a cool animated fashion. The blog layout is also interesting, laying out post titles and descriptions in a grid similar to the galleries.

Elastico WordPress Theme

Flashlight – fullscreen background portfolio theme
This theme’s home page has a left sidebar overlayed upon a full screen gallery. The big feature this one includes is support for WooCommerce, which is an open source ecommerce platform that allows you to transform your site into a fully functioning shop! You can sell your photos directly through the store pages to anyone and everyone. Awesome!

Flashlight WordPress Theme