Five Tools Which You Can Use To Create Websites

People outside the website and blogging industry often feel intimidated by the amount of knowledge required in creating and running a website. What they don’t know is that all that information is not a prerequisite to run a site.

Yes if you want something out of the normal, something superbly unique and stunning then you will need a developer to develop the website for you. But you can do quite well on your own too. A lot of tools exist nowadays which will help you create a website without the need of any coding or programming skills.

Many such tools employ features like drag and drop which make the website designing process a breeze. Below we are listing five such tools.

1) –This tool lets you create websites in just three simple steps. One – choose a design out of their pre-designed templates. Two – customize it to make it unique. Three – hit publish.


2) – WebEden’s website creator tool is designed in such a way that both a novice and an expert will be able to use it easily. Their websites are cool, clear, crisp and clean. They also allow the option to integrate your site with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Since their launch in 2005 their site builder tool has been tried by over three million people.


3) – This is one of the most popular website creation tools out there. Many beginners use Weebly to learn the basics of website creation and operation. They have a free plan which will give you free hosting and a domain name that ends in .weebly. You can upgrade to a better plan by making a purchase.


4) – Dunked aims at letting you create an online portfolio. If you are a writer, a painter, a musician, a model or someone like that then chances are you need an online portfolio. The trend of presenting your C.V. at job interviews is somewhat fading. So if you are a writer applying for a copywriting job, your online portfolio where you have collected all your good articles will surely cast a nice impression on him.


5) – All the templates on use HTML5 which takes care of the fact that the websites you create are well optimized in terms of SEO. Also, your website is hosted for free.


I hope the above mentioned tools will help you create beautiful websites for yourself. We don’t advice using all of them simultaneously. Go through the ones which interest you, browse through their websites and then choose one and design your site with it.

via Web Design Blog, Web Designer Resources