High Quality Vectors only at Depositphotos’ Exclusive Vector Collection

Depositphotos has been well-known for its reputation as a good microstock agency on the internet. This site provides its user with high quality stock photos, vectors, and videos. Founded in 2009, now Depositphotos has turned into one of the most popular companies in this industry. In only just 4 years (until now), this site has successfully gathered more than 14 million stock files into their library. Besides that, this site is also supported by more than 1 million users whose number is obviously increasing over time.


If you are looking for high quality vectors, Depositphotos is just the right place. Recently, this site provides its users by exclusive vector collection in a special lightbox. As we know, lightbox is widely used in microstock websites as a special place for containing selected stock files whether by users or the site itself.

Depositphotos’ exclusive vector lightbox is always added with new stock files collection. Now you can find 4689 interesting stock vectors with high quality and free royalty. The prices for these images are very affordable and some of them are even available for free download. After offering a free pencil vector last week, now Depositphotos offers this good looking vector background for everyone.


Seamless orange From Depositphotos.com


This vector is available for totally free. To download this vector, all you have to do is register and then download. Pretty Easy! Just regularly check this site, because you may get other great vectors for free next time.

The other vectors in this collection are very interesting because they are selected from the bests. You can find abstract, background, illustration, logo, background, and other high quality stock vectors.


Vintage background From Depositphotos.com

To download stock vectors (as well as the other files) from this site, of course you must be registered first. There are two options for buying stock files here: Pro Subscription Plan and Pay-As-You-Go Credits. Pro Subscription Plan will allow you to download certain number of images every day, from 5 until 200 files per day. On the other hand, Pay-As-You-Go Credit will give you more time and flexibility because this payment type can be used whenever you want up to one year. You can buy minimum 50 credits and there is no limit for the maximum credits, since you can input the number by yourself. For more information you can visit the stock files subscriptions page.

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