Indigo Studio – The Best & Easy Prototyping Tool Ever

Have you ever wanted to find a tool that would make your work extremely simple and stress free? Well, if you are a designer looking for such a solution, then you should definitely look into Indigo Studio. This is one of the newest prototyping tools, which assists designers in their creation of user interface prototypes. Indigo Studio features a user-centric approach, giving priority to ease of use and fluidity of design.

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Users come first

The main focus of every designer is to create user interfaces that are able to provide their clients with great experiences. Indigo Studio’s purpose is to integrate user experience throughout the prototype design process.

Free of charge

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Thanks to this wireframing tool, you will manage to have high quality without spending a dime. Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not! Indigo Studio’s producer, Infragistics, promises to provide version one of this program and its upgrades for free, forever. Then if you will want a more powerful version, you will be free to update, but you will have to pay. Anyway, if you would like to keep your costs to a minimum, at least the first variant is free.

Great features

This software prototyping tool has much more to offer besides gratuity and great user experience. It also comes equipped with fantastic features. For instance, there are hundreds of storyboard scenes, which you are free to integrate into your designs. But, let’s say that you would like to create dynamic user interfaces. Well, in this case there are plenty of built-in interactive controls, texts, and images, which are quite easy to find thanks to Indigo Studio’s clutter free user interface.

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This great tool will allow you to prototype without needing to write a single line of code, and will also reduce the copying and pasting from prototype tools past. Indigo Studio makes it much easier to add custom interactions to your prototypes in order to simulate the application experience. Also, with Indigo Studio you will be able to animate transitions for a more professional finishing touch. Another magnificent detail is the fact that their HTML viewer allows people to run an Indigo Studio prototype on any device. And last but not least, if your goal is to create interactive sketches, which are ideal for user testing, then you should definitely turn to Indigo Studio.

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In the end, one must stress the fact that the main advantage of using a prototyping tool like this is its ability to make making life easier for designers. As you can see, this new free product has a lot of innovative features that could help you achieve your goals easily. That said, download the free version today and let the product speak for itself – after just one use you’ll see that Indigo Studio is the best tool for prototype design.

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