Keep Calm & Love Your Web Designers [Posters]

Web designers have a lot to deal with and we’re not just talking about the work that they are doing. Malfunctions, miscommunications, subjective tastes, colors that are not colors, micro-managers, fickle trends, bosses that don’t get it, clients that refuse to get it, and the list goes on.

keep calm poster
(Image Source: Alan Guzman)

Perhaps, that is why there are so many of these Keep Calm and [insert tongue-in-cheek solution here] posters around to keep our collective chins up. Here are 12 Keep Calm posters that let you have a good glimpse into the designer’s daily struggles. And to all our beloved web designers, we share your pain(!) and we salute your courage to soldier on.

Keep Calm and Carry On. Having a bad day with designer’s block? Just keep calm and carry on! (Image Source: Graham Phisher)

keep calm and carry on

Keep Calm and Save Often. It’s the oldest rule in the book, because if you don’t, well, we’ll let this Twitter stream say the rest. (Image Source: Alex Jane Art)

keep calm and save often

Keep Calm and CMD+Z. Previously known as the Undo button, this is the command that we wish to have a real-life counterpart to. (Image Source: Paweł Kadysz)

keep calm and cmd+z

Keep Calm And Use The Force Quit. Then, breathe! Breathe like Vader! (Image Source: ron-guyatt)

keep calm and use the force quit

Keep Calm And CTRL+ALT+DEL. You win some, you lose some, but if you stay calm, you can start again. (Image Source: Keep Calm And Posters)

keep calm and ctrl+alt+del

Keep Calm And Google It. Don’t you feel all warm inside knowing that Google has your back? (Image Source: Manish Mansinh)

keep calm and google it

Keep Calm And Look Busy. If you ever wonder what the real purpose for social networks is, there you have it. Someone’s coming, look busy! (Image Source: Manish Mansinh)

keep calm and look busy

Keep Calm And Make The Logo Bigger. Sometimes the client from hell deserves a chair in the face. Other times, we should just watch our blood pressure and make the logo bigger. (Image Source: Eleonora Anzini)

keep calm and make the logo bigger

Keep Calm And Lorem Ipsum. They say a web designer’s experience is proportional to how much Lorem Ipsum he can recall. I can do… Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Good enough. (Image Source: Eleonora Anzini)

keep calm and lorem ipsum

Keep Calm And Type On. Once the type is on, it’s hard to not spend a night perfecting its kerning. (Image Source: Alan Guzman)

keep calm and type on

Keep Calm And Flip A Table. Keep an extra table nearby just to flip it when things go south, then carry on soldier. (Image Source: Keep Calm-o-matic)

keep calm and flip a table

Keep Calm And Redesign The Web. Too many mobile devices to support? HTML5 and Responsive Web Design to the rescue. All hail HTML5! (Image Source: Vinícius de Thomaz Domingues)

keep calm and redesign the web

Got your own piece of Keep Calm quote to share with us? You know what to do!