Lifelike Origami Artwork In The Wild [PICS]

We have previously featured a collection of splendid artwork by Won Park, a brilliant origami artist who specializes in turning dollar bills into lifelike creations. This time around, we have found an origami artist that goes by the username of FoldedWilderness who likes to make lifelike origami animals and photograph them in their natural surroundings.

lively origami animal
(Image Source: FoldedWilderness)

In this post, we have selected 12 origami animals to showcase what FoldedWilderness can do. Even without the facial details, the creator can depend solely on the color of the paper and the mere shape of his or her origami skills to create some pretty awesome paper-folding masterpieces.

A Donkey’s Journey. Folded from a single sheet of paper, this donkey is ready to take the first step in its journey – well, it would if it could move.

a donkey's journey

Autumn Blue Jay. The secret to producing all the gorgeous colors on these origami animals is that the artist painted them with acrylics beforehand.

autumn blue jay

Flower Child Fox. Foxes are usually way larger but come on, look at that? What can you complain about?

flower child fox

Jack Russel Terrier. A dramatic result of precise origami combined with professional photography skills.

jack russel terrier

A Landscape More Beautiful. The majestic stallion watches over the forest.

a landscape more beautiful

Playing the Fox. Good things come in pairs, they say. That’s definitely true when it comes to origami animals.

playing the fox

Singing Cardinal. A lot of skill and effort has been put in to produce this prodigious piece.

singing cardinal

Spring Arisen. An origami rabbit blending seamlessly into its natural surroundings.

spring arisen

The Howling Wolf. They say good photos would leave an impression on you, but the best photos would tell you stories. This definitely belongs to the latter.

the howling wolf

‘Tis the Season! Yes, even origami animals enjoy the season of giving!

tis the season

Where the Antelope Play. Believe it or not, this is the first origami animal that FoldedWilderness ever made using hand-painted paper.

where the entelope play

A Wild Chocobo Appears. This one is for all the fans of Final Fantasy’s Chocobo!

a wild chocobo appears