Logo Parodies With Slogans That Say What You Think

If you have been on the Internet for long, you’d notice that netizens have a quirky sense of a humor. We like to poke fun at big corporations and rehash jokes in an effort to find kindred spirits. We poke fun at photos taken at the wrong angle, and subscribe to funny Twitter pages for laughs. Even 404 error pages can be cool and creative. Hey, it’s the Internet.

Here are 10 logos of famous brands parodied to reflect what everyone actually thinks of them. If you get all of them, congratulations, you are an Internet addict, just like the rest of us! You can check out the site for more honest slogans – what people really think.

Apple – $2000 Facebook machines.


Google – Just try using another search engine.


LinkedIn – Connect with people for no reason at all.


YouTube – Don’t read the comments.


Pepsi – When there’s no coke.


PayPal – Because you have to.


Barnes & Noble – Stay inside and it’s a library.

barnes and noble

Google + – Google Wave 2.0.

google plus

Instagram – Mask bad photos with filters.


Lego – The bane of your foot’s existence.



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