Notism Giveaway – New Generation Design Collaboration Tool

Today we partnered with to offer 20 lucky winners with 3 months free access to this awesome collaboration tool.

Notism is an app designed for creative freelancers and agencies with the intention of streamlining and centralizing the artwork review phase of a design project. Strictly speaking it is a presentation app which enables you to create and present your artwork, design files, wireframes and images and lets other people in your team to comment on them.

You can participate in this giveaway contest through that widget and 20 lucky winners will get a three months’ membership plan of Notism which otherwise costs $72

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About Notism

One striking feature of Notism is that you can insert notes anywhere on the image and your team members can reply to the note to create a thread of discussion.

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 1.23.04 PM

Uploading an image is easy and simple. The process uses the ubiquitous drag and drop feature which makes it very easy to add new files.

Some of the important features of Notism are:

  • Assign different notes to different categories.  Each category can have a different color so that you may easily differentiate them which eases things out.
  • People can reply to an existing note merely by opening it and adding your comment.
  • You can add hotspots to an uploaded image by Hyperlinking it to another slide. This gives you the ability to switch to the linked slide after you have saved the hotspot. This way your workflow won’t be interrupted.
  • You can add “To do” lists based on the comments your images are receiving. This will help you decide future topics to work on and will ensure you don’t forget an important piece of feedback.
  • Once you have done your work with the slides you can assign people as editors and reviewers for your work.
  • After an image has been updated and all members of your team are in agreement you can change the status of that file to “Approved” or “Complete”, indicating the work on the slide has ended.

Best of luck

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