Offline WordPress Editor for Mac – PixelPumper

WordPress has a built-in WYSIWYG editor that allows users to write and publish posts easily. However, it requires an Internet connection, which is a problem in many places. A dropped Internet connection would make you lose your content, images that are being uploaded and unsaved data. The alternative is to write your post offline and publish it only when it is completely ready.

For Windows, bloggers can use the popular offline blog editor, Windows Live Writer (WLW), which is great but unfortunately not available for Mac. But there is an alternative application for Mac that can do something similar, called PixelPumper. Let’s have a look.

Using PixelPumper

Before proceeding, note that PixelPumper requires XML-RPC enabled to communicate with the site. If you are running on WordPress v3.5 and above, it is already enabled by default. Otherwise, you can enable it by going to Setting > Writing.

Download PixelPumper, and place it in your Applications folder. Open it, enter your WordPress credentials (the URL, username, and password), and wait for a while as it connects to your site.

PixelPumper Editor

PixelPumper is equipped with an editor that is compatible with WordPress formatting. You can set your alignment, add blockquotes and images, list items in bullets and numbers, embed hyperlink, and even add page break.

You can also add a featured image. Simply drag and drop the image into the box (see below), and you are all set.

PixelPumper will also retrieve the Categories that have been created on your site, and list them so that you can select the category for your post right from the editor.

To schedule the post, you can click the calendar icon under the post title and set the date and time.

You can also save it as a Draft, or immediately Publish it if you think the post is ready.

Adding Multiple Blogs

PixelPumper also allows you to connect to multiple blogs. Go to Preference, click on +, and enter your second WordPress blog credentials like how we did for the first one.

Final Thoughts

While Windows Live Writer allows us to connect to various blogging platforms such as Blogger, TypePad, and WordPress, PixelPumper only works with WordPress.

WordPress also has Post Format – which gives your blog social network-like features (such as status updates, images, and videos) – a feature both Windows Live Writer and PixelPumper do not have. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to seeing improvements to both applications in the comming years.