Pimp Your Android Homescreen With Buzz Launcher

Do you like to mod your Android homescreen? For some of us trying out different widgets, applying beautiful icons and wallpapers is a favorite pastime, however as responsibilities pile on in work and for studies, we may no longer have the luxury to ‘play’ with these customizations no more.

Buzz Launcher

This is when Buzz Launcher and its magic homepacks will help you get your desired homescreen ready in your device, in no time.

It is really easy and straight forward to use, without many complications that stem from multiple trials and errors. Find out about its features in this article, and you might just want to try out Buzz Launcher for yourself.

Grab Buzz Launcher

You can download the launcher from the Google play store here. You will be prompted with nice and clean default home packs when you first open the app.

The core concept of Buzz Launcher is cutting down on the long hours you spend putting together a good homescreen with widgets and icons that is suited to your tastes. They have a huge selection of homepacks to choose from and we have to say the list is pretty amazing.


Most of them include some 3rd party widgets to make their homepack look beautiful and complete.

Setting Up The Widget/App

To use the already included 3rd party widget/app is easy. Start by applying your chosen downloaded homepack and then tap on the widget/app to download it.

3rd Party Widget

Once you have downloaded them, the apps will be automatically added to your homescreen whereas you will have to move the widgets to your homescreen yourself.

Socialize with other users

In the homepack page of your choice, you can see the author description of the homepack and what kinds of app he/she uses along with it. There is also a comment section for you to interact with the author too.

While you at it, you can share this to your own buzz page (Buzz it) or share it to your social media and Android apps as well.

Social Page

Upload your homescreen

Want to share your own homescreen as a homepack? You can, even when you use other features from other homepacks. Apply and mod it to your heart’s content then upload it. Your homescreens will be ready as a homepack once you have uploaded it.

Upload Home Screen

Intergration of its own social features inside the app keeps the community active, allowing any homepack creator to receive feedback or usage advice from other users.

Other features

Note that a homepack is not equivalent to a theme, rather, it is a whole set of apps/widgets mixed together making a complete homescreen.


Therefore, the only way to switch homepacks easily without re-downloading and re-applying it is to do a backup. Don’t worry, it is just a few taps away to backup or restore a homepack.

At the backup page an image preview of the homepack is shown on the left side of the screen. Tapping on Backup does the trick.


Gesture Support

Besides that, they do include some gesture support too. Those gestures will activate actions, apps or shortcuts immediately from your homescreens.


Limitations & Suggestions

There are still no updates about them collaborating with an app developer like UCCW, since it is one of the most used widgets in their available homepacks. You stil need to download the UZIP file manually though.

Having a search feature to look for specific home pack theme would be nice too. So far they only provide categories for homepacks, and to be frank it is time-consuming to scroll through a long list of entries in each category.

We have yet to be abel to access the homepack page and download them through a browser (apart from the recent homepack event competition recently held).

Should you switch launchers?

The homepack feature is really one of a kind, putting together famous widgets into one place through collaboration among developers. This sets them apart from other Android launchers. Performance-wise, you will not see any noticeable slowdown (if you didn’t download any data-sucking widgets, of course).

Go ahead and start modding your own customized homescreens today. For a dose of inspiration ,check out some of the popular homescreens from mycolorscreen, which is available in the homepack page too. Will you be trying this out?


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