Realistic Finger Painting That Will Leave You Breathless

Artists are unique individuals. They create things in their own way using their own particular set of tools using their imagination. For an artist like Zaria Forman, she doesn’t rely on paintbrushes and other typical tools. Her chosen tools are her own fingers.

That probably conjures an image of what finger painting is like as a kid but her photo-realistic masterpieces are truly breathtaking. Using her hands, paint, and chalk, she creates exquisite details of icy landscapes and beaches to highlight the effects of climate change on the planet.

Take a look at some of her pieces below, we guarantee that it’ll leave you amazed. If you’re interested, you can find more here at her website.

Zaria works patiently and diligently on her craft as one can see below.

One of her more recent pieces based on her experience in Maldives. Don’t you want to dive right in?

The crashing motion of the waves is so realistic that you could almost hear and feel it.

The colors and clarity of the ocean floor is portrayed here.

The striking shades of blue leaves one awestruck.

You don’t just see color in this one. Texture is evident as well, thanks to the sand.

The phrase ‘the calm before the storm’ comes to mind when you look at this piece.

The white of the ice and the blue of the water just complement each other so well.

The folds and layers of ice and water are beautifully captured in this piece.

So life-like that you can feel how icy it really is…

The detail in the reflection of the ice on the water is remarkably intricate.

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