Selling Jewelry Online? Few Things To Consider Then

Whether you are making your own artisan jewelry or selling other people’s wares, you can reach a wide customer base through opening an eCommerce store. No matter how beautiful your jewelry, if you do not have a website that stands out from the crowd, you will lose potential sells. Furthermore, you want to make sure that you can represent the beauty of your jewelry accurately while also drawing in customers. Many customers prefer purchasing jewelry in person because they like to touch it and see how it looks on them. Therefore, in order to engage visitors so that they will convert to customers, you should follow a few simple tips.

Present the Information


The most important aspect when selling jewelry online is the presentation. First, you must be accurate. You need to know the materials used in the creation of the piece, whether it is your own or someone else’s. Be sure you know the Federal Trade Commission’s Guide for Jewelry and Precious Metal Industries. For some jewelry, you will be expected to list the source of the gemstones, especially if they’re precious stones. You also want to find a way to present the information and description of the piece in a way that will make people want to own it. A photograph will provide some information; however, you will want to include a written description that describes it, including any interesting information about the piece and its history.

Have a Top Notch Site


You will want to ensure you have a user friendly site that is easy to navigate to sell your jewelry online. It must be well-organized and simple to use, while showcasing the beautiful jewelry you are selling. You can find numerous jewelry website templates online. You can either use one of these for your own site, or you can just use it for inspiration. With a strong site as a foundation, you can really concentrate on the pieces. Do not forget to leave plenty of space for photographs of the designs. You can even have more than one per piece. For example, you can include one picture of just the piece, and one picture of someone modeling the piece to help potential customers better envision how it looks.

Make Sure Customers Trust You


When you are selling jewelry online, especially if they are more expensive pieces involving precious gems and metals, then you want to make sure that customers will trust your site. You should include a clear return policy, in case the customer does not like the jewelry or something else happens. Additionally, have some positive customer feedback on the site. If you include some obvious safety measure, including badges or signs showing the encryption technology you use, the customers will feel safer purchasing from your site. The advantage of having a trusted site is that over time, you will gain more customers through word of mouth. Your SEO rankings will improve, and you will find yourself in an even larger pool of potential customers.

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