Showcase of Beautiful Single-Page Websites For Your Inspiration

Single-page websites often provide visitors with quick and easy navigation to all the info at a site. As sophisticated and stylish as it is, many think that a single-page design may not be adequate to deliver the goals of a freelancer, blogger or site owner. In this post, we will show you 20 single-page designs that are not only simple and engaging, but also effective.

Anyone can curate content into the same page, but can you also keep visitors on your page, reading and scrolling until the very end? Here are 15 designs that do just that, and 5 more that use creative practices like page scrolling effects, dynamic transitions, parallax menus and other minor but effective effects that makes the reader stay on that page.

Anthony Fonte


Simple As Milk

Big Data

Evi Hermans

BarCamp Omaha

Dogs Inc

Chilicon Graphic


Dash Creative

Hum Creative

Frank Rapacciuolo

Bullet PR

Hype 4


Bonus: Experiment!

Regular shots can do no justice to these five pages. You have to visit the sites and check them out for yourselves. Let us know what you find in the comments.

Boy Coy

Maja Savic

Basil Gloo