Stunning Dirty Car Art You Need To See

An average person’s first instinct when they see a really dirty car is to get it washed, right? Well, Scott Wade is not your average person. He’s known as the "The Dirty Car Artist." Yes, he looks at a dirty car and creates amazing works of art on it. He doesn’t just recreate the beautiful paintings of old master’s but he also does his own original work, which are just as impressive.

From The Great Wave off Kanagawa to an ad for Mitsubishi, there’s plenty of dirty car art to keep you entertained. Maybe your car has a masterpiece just waiting to be uncovered. If you’re keen on checking out more of Wade’s work, have a look here.

Luncheon of the boating party

A friend in need

Mona Lisa / Starry night

Einstein with crazy hair

Mitsubishi Colt


Aquarium 01

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Hylas and the nymphs

Houston blues

Desert dusts

Canadian musicians

Toronto skylines

Neuschwanstein castle


Caddo indian

Aquarium 04

The Hay Wain

Chichen Itza

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