TeslaThemes Giveaway – 3 Lucky Winners to Get 3 Super WP Themes Each

WordPress is the way to go or it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it is the only way to go for many bloggers and website owners. For millions of bloggers blogging means WordPress.

WordPress has a collection of pretty cool themes to be used by bloggers but the problem with them is that they number in thousands and WordPress users number in millions. No doubt that these themes will get repeated again and again by the users and so if you choose a default theme you risk losing your brand’s uniqueness. So you should try third party themes i.e. themes created by companies other than WordPress.

Fortunately for our blog readers, TeslaThemes has agreed to sponsor a giveaway. You can participate in this contest, as explained by the widget below, and 3 lucky winners will get three awesome WordPress themes each with clean design and advanced features.

Enter To Win


What You Win

3 Lucky winners get 3 themes each (following). Best of luck

Cool Stuff – This theme is ideal for blogs, magazines, bands, music related websites, events website, etc.


Revoke – This one is suitable for blogs, portfolios, businesses, creative agencies, or similar such websites.


Vulcano – This one should be used with blogs, portfolios, creative agencies, photography websites, small businesses, etc.


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