The SuperStacked Mac Bundle [Deals]

This latest bundle is a massive one, ideal for the professional designer and/or developer. Here you will find plenty of resources like apps, icons, vectors and templates that amount to $3000. But for this deal, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the more you have to pay for what’s in this bundle.

We’re looking at items such as:

  • xScope – measure onscreen elements quick and easy
  • ColorSchemer Studio 2 – color matching app for professionals
  • Painter Lite – digital art software
  • CSS Hat – turn Photoshop layers into CSS (check out our review here)
  • skEdit – DIY your own website
  • Pixa – image organizer (more about Pixa here)
  • Fumy – graphics editor

There are also plenty of resources for the taking, including:

Handcrafted design elements & vectors

Photoshop design templates

15 iOS app templates

500 universal web icons

The Growth Hacker Bundle

As of today, the bundle is available for only $36 (that is a 98% discount we are looking at) but the price will increase as the timer ticks down. This deal is limited to only one per customer and even if you don’t have your Mac yet, the deal can still be claimed within 60 days of purchase.