The Ultimate Guide To User Experience [DEAL]

Good user experience brings a website to a whole new level. It reduces bounce rate, increase pageviews, boost sales, conversion rates as well as customer satisfaction.

If you dabble in web design and need help in this department, Dr David Travis, a psychologist, consultant, and expert with over 20 years experience in the fields of user experience, usability and human factors can probably lend a hand.

Learn how to create better, innovative and effective customer experiences for your visitors from the best. And what better way to learn about UX optimization than by a video course?

What’s In This Deal?

This Ultimate Guide to User Experience course contains more than 50 lectures amounting to 7.5 hours of step-by-step video tutorials. Don’t worry about notes. The transcript of each lecture will be provided to you in a Word document.

In the course:

  • You can get hands-on practice with personas, card sorting, contextual inquiry, and heuristic evaluation
  • Learn to develop cheap, throwaway prototypes for user feedback
  • Learn about design framework and usability metrics
  • Get your questions answered on the discussion boards

Upon completion, students will get a certificate of completion and can be eligible for free refresher training via email. This deal is available at 70% off at $59 (original price: $199).