Throwback Thursday: 20 Retro Gadgets For Your iPhone

Do you still remember what your very first music player or game console looked like? With the current rate at which things are becoming obsolete, manufacturers have been coming up with creative ideas in incorporating nostalgic elements in their products.

From vintage-looking iPhone cases and earphones to funny-looking styluses, you’ll see that combining the old and the new produces a rather refreshing result.

One can see this as a way of paying tribute to the nostalgic and iconic styles of the past. But cool retro designs are not all there is to it – you may be surprised at the functionalities these gadgets offer as well. Without further ado, here’s our collection of 20 awesome retro gadgets for your iPhone. Time for a blast from the past.

Tape Cassette Retro Case for iPhone 5 – Love listening to music on your phone? Complete the illusion with this retro cassette iPhone case. Takes you back, doesn’t it?

Mobile Phone Retro Handset – Enjoy the comfort of using a landline telephone (which won’t burn up no matter how long you talk on it) wherever you are. Especially useful for long calls.

iPhone Film ScannerYou can now scan film (up to 35 mm) straight into your very own iPhone with this cool gadget. Read more about it here.

C/dock iPhone Dock Doubles as Alarm Clock – Designed in the image of a traditional alarm clock, this is one solid (it’s made of walnut!) iPhone dock.

iBell iPhone Alarm Clock Cradle – Turn your iPhone into an iconic classic alarm clock (complete with Chrome bells) with this little gadget.

iCade 8-Bitty – Game Controller for iPhone – Turn your iPhone into a mini videogame console (classic Nintendo style) with this add-on game controller. More iOS gaming gadgets here.

Macintosh iPhone Case – Are you a hardcore Apple fan? With this case, you almost certainly are.

iPhone Microphone Speaker – Looks like a retro microphone speaker, does what a modern counterpart should do. Also compatible with any MP3 player.

Portable AMP for iPhone Horn Stand – Boasting a 13dB of volume capacity and needing no external power, this is one for those who really need an audio boost on the go.

NES iPhone Speaker Dock – Awww look. Your childhood toy and your current toy vying for your attention together. Love Nintendo? This will do.

Vintage Radio Case for iPhone 4 & 4s – Go vintage with this iPhone case. Available in white and black, it is also waterproof and resistant to sunlight.

3D Camera for iPhone – You can now capture 3D images with your iPhone. At $49, this is one good bargain you can’t refuse. Read more about Poppy here.

iRetrofone 2.0 Steampunk Silver – Compatible with all iPhones from iPhone 3G onwards, this is a beautiful addition you won’t mind having around the house.

The Impossible Instant Photo Lab– The Photo Lab lets you print the photos that you want on the spot. Edit, filter and spruce up your pictures all you like then print it on a polaroid with this contraption.

Slow Photography Camera for iPhone– Choose between three lenses, fixed, macro and fish-eye to let your camera lens capture life from a different angle.

LEGO inspired Block Case for iPhone 4/4S – A LEGO-inspired iPhone case that also doubles as a stand.

Giant Pencil Touchscreen Stylus – Finally a stylus big enough to grip through gloves during winter time.

Funneled LP iPhone Amps – Showcase your playlist with this sound amplifier. It takes up quite a bit of room on your desk but it’s probably worth it for some great music.

Vintage Book iPhone Charger – A good book can charge your mind, and now your iPhone. With no messy cords lying around, this is one handy charger. For more smartphone chargers, click here.

Retro Boom Box Cassette Tape Player iPhone Case – A cool case that also offers top protection (durable aluminum face plate) for your iPhone. More beautiful iPhone cases here.