Ultimate Infographic Resource Kits For Designers

To create a full infographic requires a lot of research and time. You have to expend the effort of crawling through Google to locate crucial bits of information and statistics. But there is also a large visual component based around gradients, buttons, vectors, icons, and other graphics.

I have put together a collection of resources which should prove useful to infographics designers. There is a growing steady flow of requests for infographics when you consider how saturated the market has already become. More blogs and websites are publishing fancy infographics and the trend is not slowing down!

Why not try your hand at creating one with the help of some free resources? As a reminder, do click in the links to get to the download source or for more information.

Full GUI Kits

These PSD/AI kits are some of the most helpful when you are just getting started. The majority of these GUI kits are modeled around a specific infographic UI, which includes charts and text and other graphics. If you are unsure of where to start I would recommend picking up a GUI kit and playing around with various elements.

Between all these various GUI kits you will find both vector shapes and PSD graphics. Presentation is the biggest condition when building an infographic image. A very otherwise plain-looking infographic defeats the purpose of using colorful graphics & banners in the first place!

These detailed kits may be downloaded from a number of various resources online. See if any of these graphics can match up nicely with your own interests.


custom psd vector infographics charts

MediaLoot Vectors Kit

infographics vector kit medialoot

Oil-Themed Graphics

infographics ui kit oil business icons

Huge Infographic Elements Vector Pack

huge dark infographics elements vectors freebie

Simple Chart GUI

infographics chart measure stats gui

Resume Free PSD

dark resume freebie psd elements

Magnolia Free

purple magnolia freebie infographics template

Unique Charts

infographics freebie psd charts grahps

How To Make Beer

infographics elements freebie how to make beer gui

Infographic Resume PSD

photoshop psd freebie infographic resume elements

Vector Elements

Adobe Illustrator is the most common editing tool for vectors. However Photoshop and a few other image editing tools also allow for playing with vector graphics. These icons and layouts are easy to scale larger or smaller since the shapes do not lose quality.

Each of the vector sets includes really helpful scalable graphics like icons, pie charts, display sliders, speech bubbles, process forms, and plenty of other related goodies. It isn’t worth trying to squeeze a majority of these into your infographic. It will take up a lot of time and might not look so good by the time you are finished.

Instead you should plan out the idea for your infographic along with the pieces of information which should be included. Then you can more accurately find vector elements which compliment the design and present understandable concepts to your readers.

Dark Vector Shapes

classic dark vector kit freebie webdesigner depot

100 Infographic Vector Elements

free vector elements infographics freebie

Colorful Vector Charts

charts symbols bar graphs freebie infographics

Crisp Infographics Vectors

simple clean crisp vector graphics

Bright Colorful Charts

clean colorful gradient charts infographics freebie

Flat Style Technology Icons

flat tech icons freebie vector shapes

Retro Cassette Tapes

retro vector cassette tapes eps

Light Bulb Vectors

freebie icons vectors lightbulbs infographics

Cloud Weather Icons

free vector cloud icons download infographics

Pixeden Vectors Set #1

freebie infographics vectors gui set

Pixeden Vectors Set#2

clean white charts infographics fectors freebie

Free People Vector Shapes

freebie people vectors shapes infographics

Data Report Elements

vector data report elements icons

High-Tech Graphics

freebie tech graphics infographic

Common Vector Elements

typical freebie vector elements set download

World Map Vectors

freebie stats world map countries infographics

Data Visualization

Aside from eye-grabbing icons you also need to present data in an easy-to-digest format. Some graphics designers prefer to use flat design trends so the elements are not distracting from the main content. But others like the visualization of a 3-D landscape with bar graphs, line charts, and other similar features. The end goal is really up to you but there are a number of resources to help with this process.

Check out these data visualization freebies which can definitely steer you in the right direction. Between all of these freebies you can find a matching display format to work with nearly any type of data. Historical dates, prices, growth over time, the possibilities are nearly endless if you keep your imagination open.

Timeline Infographic

dark timeline infographic freebie psd

Water Bars

freebie infograpnics ui vector bar charts

Infographic Templates

dribbble freebie vector infographic charts graphs

Lime Green Data

bright green infographics elements ui freebie

Stats & Graphs

blue graphs statistics freebie infographics

Data Visualization

retro data stats display infographics freebie

Modern Data Graphics

modern data charts graphs icons freebie

Chart with Legend Table

graphics measure chart stats psd freebie infographics

Line Graph Data

data visualization infographics line charts freebie

Common Vector Charts

measuring data charts graphs vectors free

CQ Infographics Vol1

freebie infographics charts items cursiveq download

Dark Infographics Data

wegraphics freebie download charts infographic kit

WeGraphics Vector Elements Vol2

vol2 freebie download vector infographics elements

Interface Features

Infographics will not just require typical data visualization techniques. There are other common graphics you can use like badges, stickers, and buttons to showcase smaller tidbits of information. Think about other alternatives like progress steps in a web form.

The beauty of creating an infographic is that you can bend the rules to include almost any element, as long as it fits well within the whole design. Digital interfaces are fickle but easy to manipulate in the right context.

Some of these features may be too complex or unnecessary for your projects. This is especially true if you are just beginning in the world of infographics, however these interfaces might also spark a creative idea which you can build using any of these templates. Keep your thoughts open about other interface ideas because there are so many unique ways to present data.

Pin Buttons PSD

freebie graphics pins map infographic download

Infographics Steps

steps guide infographic ui elements freebie psd

Content Blocks

colorful sections lines infographics freebie

Fresh Infographics Icons Set #1

custom freebie fresh infographics download

Fresh Infographics Icons Set #2

freebie icons download infographics pack2

Abstract Ribbons PSD

freebie ribbons download vector shapes psd

Business Data Elements

custom vector elements business infographics freebie

Pie Charts & Workflow Diagrams

cgvector pie charts workflows infographics freebie

Graphics & Icon Sets

What would any infographic be without the cute sideline graphics? Although admittedly not as important as the main content, graphics are an integral part of the infographic culture. Designing an image to catch people’s attention and bringing facts to light about more obscure topics are at the heart of infographics. There are a number of free icons to be found all around the Internet, but I feel these icons can be most properly utilized within the realm of infographic design.

Sticker Badges

freebie vintage sticker badges infographics elements

Free Retro Badges

freebie retro vintage badge designs

Stitched Vector Speech Bubbles

stitch sewing speech bubbles freebie psd

Badge Elements

freebie psd download vector badges

3D Isometric Map Mockup

freebie map psd action download

Vintage Retro Labels

vintage labels retro design freebie download

Alternate Retro Badges PSD

download freebie retro badge designs interfaces

Colorful Leaf Backgrounds

colorful leaf background patterns freebie

Grunge Speech Bubbles

grungy free download infographics bubbles

Like and Dislike

thumbs hands graphics freebie like dislike

Retro Infographic

retro elements charts pins data infographics freebie


Having some graphics design skills will certainly aid in the process of designing an infographic. Not only do you need to handle research on a particular topic, but also the layout and presentation of this information. The most insightful infographics will capitalize on white space along with related imagery to get their point across. I do hope these free graphics will get you started along the path to building some of the best infographics you can imagine.


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