VectorPack Giveaway – $160 Worth Vector Packs Up For Grab is a design studio which provides high quality stock vectors and design elements to designers and artists.

In case you are not aware, vector art or simply vector means that kind of art which is specifically designed for re-scaling and re-sizing. If you take a picture with your camera, it may get blurred if you increase or decrease the size of it far too much. But a vector graphic is particularly designed for this very task so that you can concentrate on your design without getting worried about blurring or pixilation issues.

VectorPack has very kindly agreed to sponsor a giveaway for our readers.  You can participate in the contest by entering your e-mail ID or by entering through your Facebook profile.

To increase your chances of winning you are allowed to register more than once and each of your new registry will be treated as a new participant.

Other ways to enter are by tweeting out the link of this post, sharing its link on Facebook, leaving a comment below, etc. The widget below will tell you what to do.

Three lucky winners will then get two vector packs.

One is the Summer Bundle Pack. This bundle contains 10 vector packs and as the name suggests the art here pertains to summers. Sunset, beaches, sand, sea, wine, etc. constitute this bundle.

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 11.01.59 AM

The second one is the Floral Vector Bundle 3. This bundle contains six vector packs and again as the name implies it contains art of different types of flowers.

Enter To Win

The widget will display the names of the lucky winners after the contest ends.

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