Winners Of: $450 custom Graphic Design from DesignCrowd

A while back we carried out a $450 Custom Graphic giveaway courtesy of DesignCrowd that received quite a response from readers. We’re glad to know that you are all giving a lot of thought into your online businesses and endeavors.

It took the judges a while to sift through the numerous entries (sorry to keep you waiting!), but we’re looking forward to making someone real happy today.

But first, here’s a recap of what the winner is getting from DesignCrowd. The lucky winner is winning a custom design worth $450 (courtesy of DesignCrowd). Depending on his or her design needs, the requirements will be posted on the marketplace, and DesignCrowd designers will have to put their designing skills to the test to win that $450. Our winner will get their design done by professionals for free.

And Our Winner Is …

So who is taking home the $450 custom graphic? Let’s give a hand to:

Mark Fulton

Congratulations to our winner! You will be contacted shortly with details on how to claim your very own custom design.

For Those Who Did Not Win

If you’re interested in getting your logo or website designed via DesignCrowd, you can click here to get a 50% discount on posting fees (worth US$40 before discount).

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